Avalanche News: Jose Theodore, Headaches at the Trade Deadline

Alex LangillContributor IFebruary 17, 2008

With Joe Sakic skating and Ryan Smyth and Paul Stastny looking to return soon, you'd think the Colorado Avalanche might be looking good.

So why would they be thinking about the trade deadline?

Do the words defense and goaltending come to mind? They do to me.

Now I know José Théodore has been performing splendidly as of late. Actually, he's been putting up All-Star numbers, posting save percentages of .920 or higher in four of his last five games (3 goals in 4 shots in the St. Louis game, YIKES!)

Has he FINALLY returned to Hart Trophy form? Will he lead the Avalanche to a Stanley Cup?

I doubt it. I do not believe what the Théodore bandwagon does.

I believe that if the Avs put too much faith in José Théodore, they will crumble. He is VERY inconsistent, and I CANNOT TRUST HIM! It's why I am hoping the Avs trade him now while he's hot and his contract is almost done. Try and land a huge defenseman or trade him with someone and land a two for two deal.

Théodore and a draft pick for Paul Ranger maybe? (Has anyone else notices Chicago'sDustin Byfuglien's 12 goals in 45 games? No one? hmmm ...)

The top sports analysts on the score and sportsnet are all saying the rental player thing is yesterday's news. I don't mean to sound naive but, with cap space, how is it not?

Why would we use the Smyth in New York situation to predict what will happen? I mean it's not like he was pressured or homesick or anything ... or was he? Colorado could use a rent-a-goalie and rent-a-defenseman. What's Emery doing these days? Hasn't he been to the Stanley Cup finals once before? Are Roloson's days over? Is Detroit going to make up their mind and finally ditch either Osgood or Hasek (my money's on Hasek)?

If we can trust Théodore, then why don't we pick up a Ranger, Byfuglien, or maybe even a Tomas Kaberle? Do you really see Toronto making the playoffs this year? Mark Streit is having a great year, with Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer is Matheiu Schneider really necessary? How about getting some experience in Ed Jovanovski from the Phoenix Coyotes?

They might not be scoring too much these days, but with Wojtek Wolski, Milan Hejduk, Marek Svatos bouncing back, Smyth and Stastny on the way back, T.J. Hensik and Cody McLeod chipping in as youngsters and Jaroslav Hlinka scoring on Chicago, I feel confident.