Luis Suarez's Racism Ban: What People Are Saying on Twitter About the Striker

Saqib Ahmed DadabhoyCorrespondent IDecember 21, 2011

Luis Suarez, Liverpool FC's mercurial Uruguayan forward, renowned for his explosive style of play and lethalness in or around the opposition box, was handed an eight-game ban by the English FA on Tuesday for possibly using racial slurs in a match against rivals Manchester United.

And though the actual ban—a result of the abuses directed at the Red Devil's left back Patrice Evra—will only come into place after an appeal has been launched by Liverpool and completely processed by the FA, Suarez himself seems a man devastated by the verdict.

That is of course, according to his personal twitter, where he wrote:

Today is a very difficult and painful day for both me and my family. Thanks for all the support, I'll keep working!...

Though Suarez's own sentiments on the verdict was hardly going to surprise anyone, it's interesting to take stock of what other fans, journalists and Liverpool personnel (past and present) have to say regarding the matter.

Andy Goldstein, a popular English host on TalkSPORT Radio and self-proclaimed Liverpool fan, supported the ban, claiming that all supporters that didn't were simply acting "aggressively rude."

A weak ban by the FA on Suarez. Any other profession he'd be sacked. Hope his club set a good example. From 10 pm on have ur say 

After cheekily endorsing his own radio talk show in his supportive tweet, Goldstein was bombarded by both a barrage of messages in favour of and discrediting the host's opinion. To reiterate his stance, though it hardly seems his first message needed any, he posted the following tweet:

Just to reiterate, if Suarez ( or any player ) is guilty of racism then they should be sacked. That's ALL I am saying.

The most common objection posed by Liverpool fans of course is that Suarez isn't a racist, as he plays on a team with players hailing from many different faiths and nationalities. However, as Manchester United fan King of Stretford points out, that's not necessarily what needed to be proven in order for the striker to endure the ban:

Many people have already explained this but Suarez isn't accusedof being a racist; 
he's accused of making a racial remark. Big difference

Ketil Stensrud, a "football-fanatic journalist" turned Radio Manager at NRJ in England, brings up a good point that seems to have gone unnoticed by many observing the fiasco unfold.

It's not like the feisty rivalry between  and  needed toget any worse, but this Suarez case may turn it real ugly.

Some Liverpool supporters have even resorted to the concept of cultural relativism in defence of their star man. Liam Tomkins, co-founder of the popular amateur Liverpool website Kop Source, writes:

If Suarez believed what he said was racist I don't think he'd have admitted to it. 
Paying a hefty price for cultural differences.

As Liam earlier points out on his Twitter feed, when "King Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool FC's current manager and the man responsible for bringing the Uruguayan to Anfield tweets his thoughts, things are definitely more "serious." The following is reiterates the manager's thoughts, taken straight from his Twitter feed:

Very disappointed with today's verdict. This is the time when needs our full support. Let's not let him walk alone. KD

Undoubtedly the tweet with the most rhetoric so far in this post, the message highlighted by "King Kenny" is an important one, but the implications cry out with feelings of grievance and injustice.

Thomas Fairclough, a Liverpool fan, also brings up an important point pertaining to the use of cameras in similar sorts of appeal cases:

Suarez has been punished for being too honest, should have deniedall knowledge 
and let the so called cameras pick it up.

The most interesting tweet - and undoubtedly the one that will appeal to those that believe the FA is "in Manchester United's back pocket," comes from Ketil Stensrud again, where he reveals a horrifying fact (for Liverpool fans):

First game for Luis Suarez after his EIGHT match ban...Manchester United 

Whether or not you believe in conspiracy theories regarding the FA and their workings, there's little doubting the massive amounts of controversy and media attention this case has received so far.

And with an appeal likely set to be launched in the near future, it seems the entire fiasco is still yet to unfold.


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