Brett Favre...Please Stay Away!

John C. Sease, Jr.Correspondent IDecember 31, 2008

Another NFL regular season has passed and there are many people that will be watching the playoffs...including all of the NFL players not lucky enough to have made the postseason.

I will certainly be one of the many sports fans enjoying the games as their individual dramas unfold.

However, for now, I am here to make a plea well before the upcoming offseason free-agent signings, involuntary workouts, mini camps, and training camps.

My plea is simply for Brett Favre to please announce his retirement and stay away for good!

Now...Before all of the Brett Favre fans decide to immediately respond to this article with their "green and yellow" or green and white" venom, I want to say the following: I am not a Brett Favre hater!

I'll repeat...I am not a Brett Favre hater. However, I am a hater of all the "Brett Favre drama" he brings to every offseason.

ESPN tortured us between the months of February and September 2008 with the continuing saga of Brett Farve and his self-made nonsensical drama.

The torture was simply unbearable. Every day we had to hear the same questions: Will Brett remain retired? Will he stay in Green Bay? Does Green Bay want Brett? What will this do to Aaron Rodgers' psyche? Did he hurt Aaron's feelings? Will Brett take the buyout from the Packers to stay away?

What made this drama so unbearable was the fact that Brett Favre seemed to enjoy the attention that was a result of the drama.

He kept everyone in limbo by never stating anything publicly that would make him appear to be the slightest bit definitive with his motives.

The irony is that he did the same thing prior to the 2007 season with one exception...He actually didn't retire. However, he still held the Packers hostage with his indecision before deciding to come back and play that season.

Now, he and ESPN are back at it again.  Already, we are hearing the rumblings of whether or not Favre is coming back next year with the Jets.

If anyone from ESPN is reading this article, please don't torture your fans with another Brett Favre "love fest" in 2009 that will surely send me to the crazy asylum.

To Brett Favre...Enough already!

You have had a tremendous career worthy of the hall of fame and you have nothing to prove anymore.

Please do us all a favor and stay away. Don't waver, don't waffle, don't sit on the fence...Just stay away!

We appreciate all of your memorable highlights. However, if you continue this drama for another season, then your legacy will not be that of a great quarterback...It will be that of a washed-up athlete who couldn't walk away from the game.

I would like to remember Brett Favre the quarterback, not Brett Favre the diva. For that to happen, you must stay away!

I realize Tony Kornheiser (of ESPN and Monday Night Football) would surely miss showering you with "man praise" ever opportunity he has during a telecast; however, even Tony would survive your absence.

Brett, we no longer need your presence in the NFL and we will surely remember your greatness.

That being said...Please stay away for good and enjoy the quiet life in rural Mississippi!