WWE TLC 2011 Results: Randy Orton Beats Wade Barrett and What It Means

Jessica EberleContributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

The war was fought, the table was broken, and one man was left standing in this tables match at TLC 2011. That man happened to be the Apex Predator, Randy Orton.

Now that everything is said and done what does Orton’s victory mean for the Smackdown roster, his opponent Wade Barrett, and even himself?

This win was never going to do anything for Orton because he is at the top of the WWE food chain. Orton had nothing to prove or lose in this match against Barrett.

So this win leaves him in the spotlight and possibly in the running for Daniel Bryan’s championship. Or possibly, it means that Orton cannot be stopped even by a man that tore through the roster the past month.

For the Smackdown roster, this win means that Orton may be unstoppable. Barrett did his best to get inside the head of the Viper, but as evident as it was, Orton had the psychological edge after all. Now the remaining superstars are put on notice of Orton’s domination once again.

The loss that was handed to the leader of the Barrett Barrage was a big blow to his career. Barrett believed that this win could take him to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Since he was unsuccessful, this loss may place him in the back again and allow others the opportunity he so desired. Barrett will now have to prove himself against Orton one more time or challenge others that can push his career to the next level.

The World Heavyweight Championship is in the hands of a man that Wade Barrett knows very well and has beaten on different occasions. If he doesn’t want to bother with Orton again he could challenge Daniel Bryan to become England’s first ever World Heavyweight Champion.