WWE: The 10 Most Underutilized Acts in the Company

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIDecember 20, 2011

WWE: The 10 Most Underutilized Acts in the Company

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    The WWE may not have the deepest roster we've ever seen, but it is still filled with plenty of talent.

    As much as some of that talent is utilized, a good chunk of it is completely wasted.

    There are a number of superstars who either don't get much TV time or aren't used right when they actually do appear on Raw or Smackdown, 

    Especially with the new Raw Supershow format, it's hard for plenty of mid and lower card guys to get on TV whatsoever. Some aren't on our screens every week because they shouldn't be, but others are getting passed over by guys with less talent.

    Let's take a look at those superstars who I think deserve a consistent spot on TV.

    Here are the 10 most underutilized acts in the WWE.

10. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

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    Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks aren't going to be the next Hardy Boyz or the next Edge and Christian.

    But could they be an above average tag team that helps rebuild the WWE's tag team division? Yes, I think so.

    Hawkins is still only 26 years old and has a ton of time to get even better than he already is, while Reks has improved drastically since being relegated to Superstars and NXT throughout 2011.

    Combined, Reks and Hawkins are two extremely underrated stars who could actually serve a purpose on Raw as one of the top contenders to Air Boom's WWE Tag Team Championship.

    Why they haven't been given a legitimate shot in the tag division, I have no idea.

    But that needs to change before Reks and Hawkins find themselves getting future endeavored.

9. Matt Striker

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    What exactly is Matt Striker even doing these days? Serving as a backstage interviewer on Smackdown and the host of NXT?

    Get this guy in a bigger role.

    I know many fans didn't like Striker as an announcer because he "used too many big words," but I found that his knowledge of wrestling history and wrestling in general made him much more entertaining than someone like Jerry Lawler and easier to handle than Michael Cole.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Striker back on Raw or Smackdown as an announcer, but if that's not in the cards for him, I'd love to see him back as a manager.

    During his heyday on ECW, Striker was a very good heel performer, and he was just as good when serving as the manager for Big Daddy V. He could be much more useful in a managerial role for an up-and-coming heel than he currently is as a backstage interviewer and host of some show that no one watches.

    There are a ton of stars who could benefit from having Striker as their manager, but he's being wasted in roles that no one really cares about.

8. AJ

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    In 2011, the baby-face side of the Divas division has been dominated by Eve, Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox.

    Meanwhile, a Diva who is more talented than all three of those women has sat back and served as the personal jobber for Beth Phoenix and Natalya throughout the year.

    I'm talking, of course, about AJ.

    In a Divas division that has seen the same old crap over and over again, AJ has never gotten a chance to prove that she could become the top baby-face Diva in the entire WWE.

    I certainly think she could be, though.

    AJ's look and size make it easy to cheer for her, and much like the next person on this list, she's a natural baby face who also happens to be a talented wrestler.

    I'm not sure why she's given a minor role on Smackdown when she could essentially be the Rey Mysterioor the David, if you willof the Divas division.

7. Justin Gabriel

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    Justin Gabriel has the same problem that many other stars have: He's good in the ring, but lacking in most other areas.

    I still think that WWE officials should find a way to get him on TV, though.

    Regardless of how good (or not so good) he is on the mic or how much charisma he has, Gabriel has that natural baby-face charm that makes fans want to cheer for him, and his high-flying style makes him exciting to watch.

    Gabriel will likely never be a main event caliber performer, but he could certainly be used as a mid-carder on Smackdown who competes in that Intercontinental Championship scene or as a member of another tag team.

    My point is that the WWE should at least use a guy who has one of the most entertaining finishing moves in the entire company and could probably get over as a solid baby face if given a good storyline.

6. William Regal

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    William Regal should be a TV regularnot because he should be stealing the spotlight away from the WWE's younger stars, but because he should be helping them get used to it.

    The former King of the Ring winner is one of the best technical wrestlers in all of the WWE, and given that he's getting up there in age, he should be used like many veterans are: As someone who works with up-and-comers to help them improve in the ring.

    Regal can get in the ring and chain around with these young guns for 10 minutes and teach them more than they'd learn in hours of training.

    He has developed a reputation as one of the very best at what he does, and all it takes is a look at a match like this to see what he can do in a very short time span.

    If I'm a member of the creative team, I seriously consider bringing Regal back as a mid-card heel who serves as a mentor to the young stars.

5. Natalya

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    I know what you're thinking: How can Natalya be underutilized when she gets more TV time than just about any other Diva?

    Well, it's not about how often she gets on TV. It's how she's used when she does.

    The pairing of Beth Phoenix and Natalya would make a ton of sense if the WWE had a legitimate tag team division and those two could feud with a variety of baby face Divas.

    But, that's not the case, and Natalya has essentially been a useless pawn in Beth's dominant run over the Divas division.

    Natalya is arguably the most complete women's wrestler in the company, but she's been used primarily as Beth's lackey, who loses to the likes of Eve, Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox before Beth beats them.

    Dumb move by the WWE.

    Natalya should be putting on lengthy matches against Beth (or at least winning on TV), not losing to women who aren't nearly as talented as she is.

4. Jack Swagger

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    Sure, Jack Swagger gets a solid amount of TV time and has a decent role on Raw thanks to his alignment with Vickie Guerrero.

    But does anyone actually take this guy seriously? Not really.

    The creative team has done a horrendous job booking Swagger over the last year or so, because he's one of the most talented big men in the company but is basically treated like a glorified jobber.

    He's served as Sheamus' personal whipping boy as of latehe recently lost to Santino Marella (on the Halloween edition of Raw)and he's been completely lost in the shuffle since his failed World Heayweight Championship run in 2010.

    Swagger deserves better.

    Other than Sheamus, there's no other full-time big man who I'd take over Swagger, an athletic and agile former amateur wrestler whogiven the right gimmick and storylinecould be a legitimate main eventer for years to come.

    Tweak this guy's gimmick or turn him face because whatever's going on with him right now just isn't working. 

3. The Usos

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    The fact that the Usos are almost never used on Smackdown really confuses me.

    I mean, how many legitimate tag teams does the WWE have? It's gotta be three at the most.

    You have the WWE Tag Team Champions Air Boom, Epico and Primo and then the Usos. Yet, aside from their appearance on last week's Smackdown, Jimmy and Jey Uso have done next to nothing over the last several months.

    What a shame.

    These two guys have really developed into a nice, formidable tag team, and along with Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, they should be helping rebuild the WWE's ever-struggling tag team division.

    Although it looks like Air Boom will be feuding with Epico and Primo for the time being, you have to think that there will come a time in the near future when the Usos are challenging for the tag team titles too.

    After all, the WWE doesn't have very many other options.

2. Drew McIntyre

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    Roughly a year and a half ago, Drew McIntyre reportedly got himself a ton of backstage heat for behavioral issues while in the midst of a pretty big push as Vince McMahon's "Chosen One."

    McIntyre then didn't do himself any favors when he was involved in a domestic violence incident with then wife and WWE Diva Tiffany.

    And, though this is pure speculation on my part, it looks like McIntyre has never really recovered from either of those two incidents.

    His lone appearance on Raw over the past several months came a couple of months ago when he was fed to Randy Orton, and other than that, he's been relegated to Superstars or dark matches.

    I really hope that changes soon, though.

    I know some people don't see "it" with McIntyre, but I think the guy has a boatload of potential that's just waiting to be unleashed.

    All he needs is a chance to prove himself, because as his work on Smackdown in 2009 showed, all the tools seem to be there. 

1. Tyson Kidd

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    Tyson Kidd has never proven to be a great talker or overly charismatic, but the WWE is dropping the ball big time on this guy for one reason: His in-ring skills.

    You might not know it by the way he's booked or due to the fact that he hardly ever appears on TV, but Kidd is arguably one of the top-five pure wrestlers in the entire company.

    Just watch his work on Superstars or check out some of his matches on YouTube, such as this one against Daniel Bryan, and you'll get a taste of what I'm talking about.

    Kidd really hasn't been unleashed since the Hart Dynasty split up, and it's probably because he relies too much on his abilities in the ring.

    But that can easily be solved by giving him a manager and letting him do his talking through his wrestling.

    I wish the WWE would at the very least put Kidd in another tag team because it's pointless to keep such a talented guy off of TV every week.