WWE TLC 2011: Looking over the Event and Handing out Awards

Jo-Jo CarvinContributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: Looking over the Event and Handing out Awards

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    Hello ladies and gents, and welcome to my second pay-per-view award ceremony!

    In this, I will be giving out various awards to the WWE's superstars and divas in regards to their work at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view event.

    The awards to be given out today are:

    • Mark-Out Moment
    • Overachiever of the Night: This award goes to the superstar(s) in the undercard who put up a stunning performance.
    • Underachiever of the Night: This award goes to the superstar(s) who did not perform up to expectations, even if they had a good match. This award can go to any competitor, upper or undercard.
    • Superstar of the Night: This is a kayfabe award and goes to the superstar who had an all-around incredible night.
    • Butt of the Night: This is a kayfabe award and goes to the superstar who had the worst night.
    • Finishing Touch: This is awarded to the finishing maneuver that ended up having the most impact on the course of the show. The maneuver doesn't have to win a match to be considered, although that always helps.
    • Question Mark Moment: Simply, this is a moment that made me go, "Huh?"
    • Match of the Night

    Before I begin, I must say that these awards are based on my personal opinions. That being said, I'm pretty sure that a couple of you would disagree with one, two or all of my choices. That is fine; in fact, that is what the comment section is for. You are free to sound off there about what your choices would have been. Of course, it would be my pleasure to rudely shoot you down.

    That being said, let's begin!

Mark-out Moment of the Night: Daniel Bryan Wins the Heavyweight Title

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    I will admit, I'm not a big Daniel Bryan mark. I am appreciative of his wrestling skills, and I am glad that he has improved in his microphone abilities.

    However, the main reason I've been very interested in Bryan over the past month has been the SmackDown creative team. They have told an amazing story involving Bryan, Show and Henry, and a good story can make a fan of anyone.

    So when Bryan cashed in his case last night to win the Heavyweight Title, I was glad. It was the cap off to a long journey for Bryan, and I'm sure the IWC was absolutely euphoric. Except Justin Watry, who was somewhere blowing a gasket.

    Now, we know Money in the Bank cash-ins are not very good guarantees for great title reigns (for every Miz, there's a Swagger), so I'm a bit skeptical of where this will go. Let's hope Bryan does his absolute best to make his Heavyweight title reign entertaining. 


    (Very) Close Contenders

    CM Punk winning what was a very grueling match to retain his title.

    Zack Ryder becoming the new United States champion.

Overachiever of the Night: Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes takes the Overachiever of the Night for this pay-per-view. Cody had his fingerprints all over this event, wailing on Booker T ever chance he got (which would be two times) and then going on to pin Booker for the Intercontinental Championship after two patented Beautiful Disasters. God, I love those kicks.

    Anyway, Cody is slowly climbing up the WWE ladder, and getting one over a legend the caliber of Booker is a great addition to his résumé. I have no idea if the WWE intends to extend this feud over a period of time, but for now, Cody is the one standing tall.


    Close Contenders

    Zack Ryder

    Dolph Ziggler

    Wade Barrett

Underachievers of the Night: The Big Show and Mark Henry

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    Now, for those of you who are wondering why the hell that isn't Triple H and Kevin Nash, I would say this: They did not tear their quads. Oh, and they put up a much better match than I anticipated. It went longer than I expected, but in the end, I can say both men weren't so bad.

    As for Show and Henry, telling from their match at Vengeance, these men can work an OK match together, ring imploding at the end or not.

    That being said...ugh. That is all I have to say about their TLC match. Ugh. It was over way too quickly, didn't bother to tell a story (especially seeing as this is one of the year's top rivalries) and featured more chair swinging than actual wrestling. For shame, guys, for shame. 

    By the way, this is the second pay-per-view in a row that I'm giving these dudes the Underachievers award. If this is going to be a constant, let's hope they both move on from each other, shall we?

Superstar of the Night: Daniel Bryan

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    Last night was the best night of Daniel Bryan's life; no question about it. After months and months of looking like he would be the first to lose during a Money in the Bank cash-in match, Daniel Bryan pinned the Big Show to become the new World Heavyweight Championship.

    Like previously stated, a MITB cash-in doesn't guarantee interesting title reigns, so I'm incredibly skeptical of how this would go. For now, though, Bryan is on top of the world, and clearly loving it.


    Close Contenders

    CM Punk

    Zack Ryder

    Cody Rhodes

Butt of the Night: Tied

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    Booker T

    Cody did warn him this wasn't some fairy tale-type movie.

    Despite putting up an incredible fight, Booker couldn't keep up in what Cody calls "a young man's game." After previously having his head driven into the barricade, Book had to endure a match throughout, which Cody worked on his skull. And then he had to eat two Beautiful Disaster kicks. Have I stated how much I love the Beautiful Disaster?

    Anyway, there is one lesson we have learnt today, kids. Know when to give up. Or you'll give viciously kicked in the head.


    The Big Show

    Poor Show. He ended his nine-year World title drought only to have the prize snatched away from him by an opportunistic cash-in by Daniel Bryan. 

    Let's remember that Show's right hand could possibly be shattered from bout, and there we have it. Ladies and gentlemen, the Big Show did not have a good night at TLC. I'm pretty sure he'll want to forget this event as quickly as possible.


    Close Contender

    Kevin Nash

Finishing Touch of the Night: RKO

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    Now, I have no idea why Randy won this match. This was Barrett's match in my mind, his transition to the World title picture. Is this WWE saying Wade isn't ready yet? I don't know. But what I do know, and reluctantly admit, is that the RKO is a pretty sweet move.

    Quick, swift and every word for "fast" you can find in the thesaurus is what the RKO is symbolic of. And that was no different during the TLC pay-per-view.


    Close Contenders

    Rough Ryder


Question Mark Moment of the Night: Big Show Pinning Mark Henry

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    Why was Show beating Henry necessary? Couldn't Henry just have retained it to get the pin from Bryan? Does this mean a feud between Big Show and Bryan? Is Show going to turn heel?

    What of Bryan? Great, he's the World champion, but why would he pin someone who has been so supportive of him? Is it Bryan who will turn heel?

    Who gets what rematch clause? Who will Henry feud with next now that Show's beaten him?

    Simply put...what?


    Close Contenders

    John Cena's absence (although it was very refreshing)

    Randy defeating Wade Barrett in their tables match

    Kelly getting a legitimate shot at the Divas title

Match of the Night: CM Punk vs. the Miz vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Hands down, the best match of the night. Amazing.

    The drama was intense, and I can remember biting my fingers, genuinely frightened for CM Punk's title in this one. I must say, The Miz and Berto brought it tonight, and even Ricardo did a great job with his sick table spot.

    The handcuffs were used amazingly in this match, and the three men did well in playing around with the triple-threat stipulation and been aware of their surroundings. All in all, great match to cap off an intriguing night.


    Close Contenders

    Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett

    Cody Rhodes vs. Booker T

    Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler


    And that's that, ladies and gentlemen—the TLC 2011 Awards. I hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to comment below. Let me know what you thought of the article and your opinions on the choices.

    Thank you for reading and until next time, I am Jo-Jo, and I'm not that damn good.