WWE TLC 2011 Results: Why Mark Henry Should Have Beaten Big Show

Robert AitkenAnalyst IDecember 19, 2011

It may be a moot point with Daniel Bryan cashing in Money in the Bank and winning the World Heavyweight Championship, but Mark Henry probably should have been the champion following his match with Big Show last night at TLC.

Henry had not been pinned on pay-per-view all year long until last night. It gave Big Show his first World Heavyweight Championship, leaving him an Intercontinental Championship shy of owning every active male title in WWE today.

It is understandable that Mark Henry was supposed to drop the title with his injury in storyline and his real-life injury. Wouldn't that just make it even better for him to lose in such a dramatic fashion?

Mark Henry could defeat Big Show yet again and, out of anger, be mauled by Big Show. Injured and vulnerable, it would be more believable than ever for Daniel Bryan to win the world title.

Big Show looked fine after the pinfall by Bryan. In fact, it looked like he tried to kick out a half-second after. For Scott Armstrong as the referee, that makes it close for Big Show to kick out due to Armstrong's incredibly slow count.

Big Show also sat up before Bryan could throw his shirt off and grab his new title belt. At least try to sell the fact that you were incapacitated a minute ago, Show.

It isn't that I don't want Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion, but this was the 10th successful cash-in in a row as the briefcase is still cashed in successfully every single time. In the other nine, an offensive move was needed to win the title. Bryan just fell on Big Show to win it.

In Jack Swagger's cash-in moment, he was actually delayed in starting the match because there was clutter in the ring and Chris Jericho, the champion at the time, needed to be able to stand first. So, basically the rules can be rewritten whenever they feel like it?

I know it is only sports entertainment, but with planned moves and intended winners, the rules for matches are one of the few things wrestling has going for it.

It's unclear what Mark Henry's status is going forward, but I do understand why the intention with Big Show losing to Daniel Bryan. Henry would be unhealthy and lead to a lack of a contender.

Big Show's loss leads to a storyline where Big Show, who tried to help Bryan win the title in the past, has now had the title taken from him. It can be compelling, but one of the men will probably have to turn heel, or a heel will have to be brought in for balance. It will make for an interesting Smackdown to be filmed this week.

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