Pro Wrestling: Profiling Sara Del Rey, the Best Female Wrestler in the World

Hands of Stone BlankenshipContributor IIIDecember 19, 2011

Dream do come true; SDR got to kick Aja Kong in the head.
Dream do come true; SDR got to kick Aja Kong in the head.

Sara Del Rey is not a diva. Call her that four-letter word and you might get a kick to the head for your troubles.

The Queen of Wrestling is the best female wrestler in the world and can even rival the skill and ability of men like CM Punk, Jericho, and Daniel Bryan. Simply put, she can wrestle.

WWE's Divas are suppose to be smart, sexy, and powerful? What a joke; most of them spend some time in slip and fall school, better known as FCW, then get called up to the main roster and put on botch-filled bathroom-break matches.

Sara Del Rey trained with the best, Bryan Danielson, spent some time in Japan under Antonio Inoki, and also wrestled in Mexico as the masked "American Angel." She toured the world over, racking up championship gold in every promotion she wrestled for.

A fixture for SHIMMER, she has been with the company since its inaugural show, putting on great matches against the likes of Daffney, Ayako Hamada, Serena Deeb and Amazing Kong.

A Chikara mainstay since 2006, she has been holding her own against an all-male roster; proving that female wrestlers are more than just eye candy.

She recently competed in Chikara's eighth annual Torneo Cibernetico, an eight man tag-team match, and JoshiMania, a three-night event featuring some of the best female wrestlers in the world. You could purchase the DVDs from smartmark video, they handle all of Chikara's events.

As a member of Ring of Honor, she was a member of Larry Sweeney's Sweet and Sour Inc. and the Kings of Wrestling, two stables made up of some of the best wrestlers in the Indies today.

Her ultimate goal is to land a WWE contract and if and when she does, the divas better step up their game or get turned into a pretzel.


You could follow SDR on twitter, view her Chikara profile, check out SHIMMER's website, or go straight to the main source, her website.

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