WWE TLC 2011 Results: What's Next for Kevin Nash After Loss to Triple H?

Imaan JalaliFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2011

Kevin Nash had his swan song at TLC 2011
Kevin Nash had his swan song at TLC 2011

In one of the most methodical builds in recent memory—dating back to SummerSlam 2011—Triple H and Kevin Nash were on a collision course to settle their differences in the ring.

That day arrived on Dec. 18 2011 at the WWE's third annual TLC pay-per-view.

In an 18-minute contest, Triple H reigned victorious, felling his former friend and "Kliq" member, Kevin Nash.

As expected, their bout was a slow, laborious affair that took full advantage of the props inside and outside of the squared circle to distract from the fact that neither man—especially Nash—is a spring chicken anymore.

That being said, the layout of the brawl was ideal in that it spelled a definitive end to the four-month feud.

Triple H spent the majority of the match attacking Nash's vulnerable knees before he eventually sealed the seven-footer's fate.

As the two struggled for the oscillating sledgehammer on opposite rungs of the ladder, Triple H swung the weapon into Nash's head and caused him to lurch back through an awaiting table.

After "The Game" retrieved his weapon of choice, he bashed his erstwhile confidant in the ribs and lower extremities. Once Nash was dazed following a pedigree, a parting sledgehammer shot to the skull earned Triple H a three-count.

Nash won't have to dye his hair anymore
Nash won't have to dye his hair anymore

And just like that, the 52-year-old Kevin Nash likely had his last match in the WWE.

Don't expect to ever see him on WWE TV going forward, with the exception being an occasional "legends" cameo.

He was on borrowed time, anyway. The founding father of the NWO has been beset with a variety of injuries, could not perform consistently in the ring and was, overall, a liability to the company.

If Nash can't be counted on to protect his own real-life friends in the ring—like Triple H, who took a dangerously executed "Jacknife" powerbomb at Vengeance 2011—he can no longer be a viable asset as a wrestler.

The WWE was reluctant, as well, to finally go ahead with the Triple H-Nash match. Originally, it was penciled in for Survivor Series 2011. When that didn't happen, the company was unsure of having it transpire at TLC 2011, instead considering postponing it until Royal Rumble 2012 or just scrapping it altogether.

The WWE's decision to finally relent and go through with the match should be an indication to fans that the organization likely had little faith in Kevin Nash to hold his own against one of the ring's biggest icons. However, because the storyline needed a natural conclusion, the matchup was given the green light.

It was a decisive coda, too, with Triple H triumphantly—and literally—knocking Kevin Nash off his perch.

The former D-Generation X member will now move onto ending the fabled streak in his return confrontation with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 28.

On the other hand, "Big Sexy" will have a multitude of memories to look back on. With his ring days probably behind him, he may find himself in a backstage role as either an agent or writer.

After all, when he is not ruining a company by abusing his power on the booking committee (i.e., WCW), Kevin Nash is capable of providing creative ideas.