Fantasy Football: 10 Things to Buy with Your Fantasy Football Winnings

Brian LendinoCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2011

Fantasy Football: 10 Things to Buy with Your Fantasy Football Winnings

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    I don't know a soul that doesn't love FX's The League. In fact, I'm willing to bet that anyone who participates in fantasy football wishes their league was just like boys who play for the coveted "Shiva."

    Whether your league battles it out for pride, cash or a shiny trophy, making it to your league championship is something that you can take to your grave.

    Whether your prize is big or small, here are 10 fantastic options to spend your fantasy winnings on.

A League Trophy

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    This probably doesn't appeal to a new champion, but if you're in a keeper league with your good buddies, there's no better idea.

    You could even name it after yourself.

    Think of 10 or so years down the road when you're still passing around the hardware that you inaugurated for winning the ship.

    And if you make it as grand and luxurious as the two trophies photoed—I will applaud you.

Host a Super Bowl Party

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    You won the money in a pseudo-football game, so why not spend it on hosting a party for the actual game.

    Invite over the guys in the league, family and neighbors, and just have a good time with peers.

    I guarantee that everyone will appreciate this one.

A Pair of Wrangler Jeans

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    Few people played the game of football with the passion of Brett Favre. So, why not grab a pair of his famous Wrangler jeans and head out to the open field and play like a pro.

    It seems like every guy playing football in those commercials is the best 40-year-old football player in the world.

    I want in on the action.

Spend It on Your Fantasy Basketball Buy-in

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    Guys and girls love fantasy sports, and a lot of people who partake in fantasy football also try their talents in fantasy basketball.

    Well, the lockout has been lifted and the NBA resumes on Christmas day for us die-hard fans, so get into your drafts now!

    Money won is so sweet sometimes—or all the time—so don't be afraid to spend your winnings on an opportunity to let your talents win you more.


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    I mean, I know the markets aren't exactly as attractive as they once were, but saving money always has its benefits.

    This isn't the most glamorous of ideas, but it could pay big dividends in the long run.

    Hey, you might even come back and thank me!

Take Your Spouse or Signifigant Other to a Nice Dinner

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    Again, this one is selfless, but you benefit greatly from a delicious dinner at the same time.

    It can be tough to get out to a real fancy dinner sometimes, but essentially putting it on the tab of 12 of your friends can be pretty sweet.

Treat Your League Mates to a Drink

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    It's the nice thing to do.

    You beat them down over the course of a season and throughout your fantasy playoffs, so be a pal and treat them all to a beer at the bar (or a soda, pending age).

    While you do it, though, no one is going to stop you from reminding each and every one of them just who the champion really is.

Buy an IPad

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    I know the choice of an Apple iPad seems arbitrary, but these things are awesome.

    If you don't have one, buy one. If you have one, upgrade your current one. If you already have the most recent model, then go buy one of Apple's many other awesome products.

    I may sounds like an Apple representative right now, but I'm not. I swear. 

    They just have really, really cool stuff.

Get a Jersey of Your Favorite Team

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    Football jerseys were the coolest clothing item when you were a kid, because wearing that shirt made you feel like you were so much bigger than your actual stature.

    Now, as you get older, you only really wear them on game days and to football-related parties.

    Why not honor the stud player who won your championship by buying his jersey? You owe him that much.

    If that isn't your cup of tea, go out and get a jersey of your hometown team to sport the next time you get a chance to go to the stadium.

Donate to a Charity

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    This is clearly the most selfless of all of the options, but come on, how good would that feel?

    It's the holiday season, and rather than spending it on some sort of gadget for yourself that you probably won't use in three months anyways, donate it to an organization that puts it to good use.