WWE TLC 2011 Results: What We Learned from Cody Rhodes' Win

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIDecember 19, 2011

Cody Rhodes defeated Booker T at TLC and will remain the Intercontinental Champion. Before we move on to Rhodes’ future, we must break down what was learned from his victory tonight.

Rhodes and Booker T have been feuding for the past few weeks on SmackDown. Their feud could only logically be concluded with a match. This meant Booker T was going to return to the ring one more time.

Booker’s return obviously sent the Internet abuzz, so many fans were intrigued by the matchup between the rising star and former legend.

Before the match could even start tonight, Cody Rhodes attacked Booker T backstage not once, but twice. I guess the WWE Creative staff really wanted to make sure we understood Booker T was at a tremendous disadvantage.

Once the match was able to get started, it went as I expected. Rhodes was able to showcase his talent while Booker T gave older fans a shot of nostalgia. Rhodes obviously won the match, but Booker did his job. All he had to do was put Rhodes over and make him look strong and that is exactly what happened.

So what did we learn from Cody Rhodes’ victory?

We learned that Rhodes is the future. Some people knew that fact prior to this match, but after tonight it is a foregone conclusion. The WWE is doing the right thing by having Rhodes hang on to the IC title before they push him into the main-event scene. He is slowly being built up into a credible main-event superstar.

There will still be fans that criticize Rhodes for his gimmick, but the one thing no one can question is his talent. Gimmicks and character personas come and go, but talent cannot be learned. Rhodes has all the ability in the world to become a world champion one day.

As for Booker T, Rhodes' victory over him means Booker’s job is done. He was there to make Rhodes look good and that is exactly what happened.

Booker T does not need the Intercontinental Championship to solidify his place in history. He helped establish a future star of the WWE. I commend Booker T for putting over a younger star to help them further their career.

At this point, I believe the feud is over as there is no point for Booker to continue to fight Rhodes. I understand Rhodes attacked him twice prior to the match, but what would another match prove for either individual?

The biggest problem in the WWE is nothing ever gets resolved in the first match. Rhodes defeated Booker so he should move on to the next opponent rather than draw this out any further. Cody Rhodes looked great in the victory so allow him to continue to move up the ladder.

Booker T also does not need to face Rhodes again. I love Booker too, but he is past his prime and a victory over a young star will do nothing for him. The man did his job and deserves all the credit in the world for putting his pride away and helping the overall big picture of the WWE.

If I want to see Booker T win a match, I can pop in a Blu-ray.

So what is next for Cody Rhodes?

I hope the WWE pits Sheamus up against Cody Rhodes. Now that Rhodes has his victory over a former legend, it would be nice to see him feud with a popular face such as Sheamus. I think their feud could be competitive and would bring more fans’ attention to the IC title picture.

What did you learn from Cody Rhodes’ victory? What does his future hold? Let me know below in the comment section and make sure you follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.

Keep it classic everyone!