Jeremy Shockey: Panthers TE Predictably Doesn't Know When to Stop Talking

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IDecember 18, 2011

CHARLOTTE, NC - DECEMBER 11:  Jeremy Shockey #80 of the Carolina Panthers sits on the sideline during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)
Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

You figured it was only a matter of time before Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey would make his voice heard this season.

The historically outspoken veteran has given us a wealth of quotes throughout his career, some of them questionable.

Shockey's stance on Sunday night wasn't entirely out of line. According to him, about "10 players" from the Houston Texans didn't put their hands over the hearts during the singing of the national anthem.

He called it "kind of offensive," via

But what was so odd was that it came after a reporter asked him a question about the Texans' defense during the Panthers' 28-13 victory.

When you ask Shockey a question, you never really know what he's going to say. Oftentimes he doesn't even answer the question, but instead shoots off in an entirely different direction.

It's part of the reason he's always a great player to interview, because he's opinionated and doesn't give you same old player-speak that can get rather exhausting to hear.

But when interviewing him, don't expect for him to always talk about the X's and O's of the game. He'd much rather complain and/or yell about something beyond the game of football.

Shockey isn't the same player who became a star with the New York Giants. He's recorded 388 yards and two touchdowns on the season for the Panthers.

But at least we can be rest assured that he's still the same outspoken individual.

Something tells me that when the 31-year-old gets set to retire, he's going to go out in a blaze of glory.

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