UFC Hall of Fame: 25 Cases for Induction

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UFC Hall of Fame: 25 Cases for Induction

There have been quite a few articles written about the UFC Hall of Fame, and I think it's time for us to take another look at who has a good chance of getting in.  

With the UFC not being an all-inclusive, comprehensive MMA Hall of Fame, every fighter considered has to have a direct UFC connection.  Most people look at the direct connection by just including feats the fighter has accomplished during their UFC career. However, with Zuffa absorbing other organizations, accolades from previous organizations have to factor in.  

It's actually the same way the NFL Hall of Fame chose to honor players who spent the majority of their career in the AFL. So with that said, Pride FC accomplishments and WEC accomplishments have to factor into a decision (AFL-NFL Merger Theory).

Obviously, there is no perfect formula or even a standard prerequisite to go by when choosing who Dana White and the boys will let into the HOF—especially considering the fact that his personal distaste for a person can trump all their accomplishments and keep them out. Keep in mind, I'm not suggesting all of the fighters in the following slides should be in the HOF, I'm just looking at their cases and showing pros and cons to see what you guys think.  

Let's just look at the fighters' resume and judge by what they've done, not whether Dana likes them or not...  

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