Oakland Insider: Who's The Man for the Oakland Raiders?

Farris GunningCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2008

Hello again sports fans, it's time for another Oakland Insider Article.

With the massive amount of reads, comments, and votes in the previous article talking about Michael Bush, I have decided to break out a complete topic in regards to the Running Backs in Oakland.

There is a lot of talk that the Oakland Raiders are actually heavy in one position, Running Back.  This is a very interesting subject since the Raiders have had the worst stretch of their franchise history.  Is there a change coming?

Here is a little breakdown on each Running backs in Oakland...

Justin Fargas: In 2003, Fargas joined the Raiders from the third round pick of the draft.  His beginning role with the Raiders was a return man.  In 2004 and 2005 he was a back up.  In 2006 (Mid-Season) he became the starter when Lamont Jordan went out with an injury.  In 2007 Fargas get's his first 1,000 yards rushing in a single season.  Fargas had the best day of his career on September 30, 2007, rushing for 179 yards on 22 carries against the Miami Dolphins.  The biggest set back for Justin Fargas is his inability to get into the end zone.

Darren McFadden: McFadden was drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft.  McFadden had a stellar career in college and came to the Raiders with high hopes.  McFadden has struggled his first year in the NFL due mostly to injury.  Turf Toe in both feet have given McFadden hell this year.  He still managed to put together 784 all purpose yards this year and four scores.  McFaddens biggest set back is his health, he must prove he can stay healthy to show what he can really do.

Michael Bush: Bush was drafted in the Fourth round on the 2007 draft.  Michael Bush had a hard road to become a NFL Running Back.  Bush suffered a broken leg in his final year of college.  After two years of healing Bush came to his own in 2008.  Two games stand out, Kansas City and Tampa. 

Michael Bush had his best day in the NFL against Tampa with 177 yards rushing and two scores.  Bush's biggest set back is his inconsistency, although mostly not his fault due to limited playing time.

So the question iin Oakland is what do we do with three good running backs?  The answer might seem to easy, Keep McFadden and Bush and Trade Fargas.  Well that may or may not be the "right" choice for this tandem.

Everyone knows what happened this year in Denver.  The Broncos went into the final game of the season starting their sixth running back for the year.

Oakland has three guys that can start, but who is the right choice?  McFadden has amazing ability, but can he stay healthy enough to carry the workload of a starter?  Bush looks great but have we seen enough of him?  Fargas has become a fantastic option but can he score?

In closing I'm going to take a position and state my opinion on this matter.  Oakland will use Bush and McFadden next year as a one-two punch.  A lot of teams in the NFL are moving to a two back set up to save the Running Backs from injury and sheer wear down.  Either get a good draft pick or trade for O-Line with fargas.  Get something good in return for a good running back. 

If Oakland keeps fargas, I wouldn't be suprised to see him as the third back in the roster.  Due to his high salary that would be very hard on the Raiders to do.

The Oakland Raiders have some thinking to do with the running backs.  Heck at least there's something to ponder in an off season where they will be looking for answers.

Go Raiders!