WWE Forecast for 2009

Lewis HennigCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2008

Usually I stay away from the cliche and cheesiness of writing a prediction for the upcoming year in wrestling.

But it seems that sooner or later everyone who writes about the WWE or wrestling in general is going to take a shot in the dark.

So I see this is a bit of an initiation to the wrestling community here on B/R.

I don't intend to make this a yearly ordeal, and I may not even check up on my predictions to see how close I was. And to restate what I said early, I have never done this sort of thing before, so be prepared for the worst.

But all in all everyone who has written something along these lines has basically had the same chance—just a shot in the dark—so here we go.


Royal Rumble

Despite the clear set-up for an Orton vs. Cena match at Wrestlemania, Orton will not win the Royal Rumble this year, instead the winner will be Triple H.

John Cena will retain his title against JBL and Beth will retain against Melina.

Wrestlemania 25

Orton vs. Cena will take place as RAW's main event with Orton once again capturing the world heavyweight championship.

The Undertaker will be embroiled in a feud with JBL and Shawn Michaels following Royal Rumble, which will ultimately lead to Michaels vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania with JBL at ringside. Undertaker will come out on top and add the Heartbreak Kid to his Wrestlemania streak.

Jeff Hardy will retain until Wrestlemania, where he will face off against Royal Rumble winner Triple H and win, thereby solidifying himself as a viable champion by beating the game at the biggest event in WWE.

The return of Evan Bourne will ultimately lead him to an ECW title match against Matt Hardy, where he will unfortunately lose, possibly due to interference on the part of Jack Swagger.

The Money in the Bank match will once again wow us all by putting on a spectacular performance where we will see Mr. Kennedy walk away with the briefcase for a second time.


After his return to action, the Animal Batista will once again be involved with John Cena come SummerSlam, where we will finally see the rematch from this year.

Survivor Series

Randy Orton's team will once again prevail over the team of HBK. Randy Orton's streak at Survivor Series will be mentioned and much like Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak, people will start to question who will finally end it.



DH Smith and TJ Wilson will finally be called up to the main event roster on Smackdown, where they will no doubt capture tag team gold and secure themselves as one of the best tag teams the WWE has produced in a while.

It would be too easy to mention Kizarny and be correct on him debuting next year, so instead I'll say that Christian will return to WWE as a heel on Smackdown. He will eventually establish himself as a main event threat and even have a world title opportunity before the years end, although he will not win it.

Gail Kim will return to WWE and make her presence felt on RAW, where she will originally debut as a face but eventually make the transition to heel by years end. Shortly after her return she will be awarded with a womens' title match and will be the one to dethrone the Glamazon.


Many let-goes will happen over the course of 2009, Candice Michelle will be one of the more surprising ones to go from the RAW roster. In addition to her, RAW will also release Val Venis, Hardcore Holly and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

Kung Fu Naki will be let go from Smackdown...and no one will notice. Others from the Smackdown roster that will be joining him will include R-Truth, Ryan Braddock, and Scotty Goldman.

Teddy Long will once again bring about the new superstar initiative, but prior to this ECW will be cleaned up and several superstars will be swept away, including Bam Neely and Gavin Spears.

Tommy Dreamer will not be let go, but instead his retirement will be forthcoming in 2009 and he will go out in an extreme way.


During the course of the year, Triple H will regain the WWE title from Jeff Hardy in a Wrestlemania rematch at Backlash.

Evan Bourne will enjoy a run as intercontinental champion on RAW for a good while before eventually losing it.

Santino Marella will somehow manage to again secure the WWE intercontinental title, and though it will be short-lived it will be humorous.

Brian Kendrick will become the United States champion during the course of the year—that is, until he loses to Ezekial Jackson, who will take the title from his associate. The US title belt will be largely responsible for the break-up of this pair.

Yet another person will take a run as US champion in 2009—that man being Shane Helms.

Jesse and Festus will finally get their hands on some gold on Smackdown by obtaining the tag titles there.

Jack Swagger, despite losing in previous attempts at the title, will hold the ECW championship before being drafted to Smackdown.

Following her return from injury, Maryse will make good on a Divas championship opportunity and will finally let us realize what her title reign could have been.


Legacy will continue to stay strong and in tact throughout 2009, although Sim Snuka will be tossed out of the group before the end of Dec. 31.

Although we have already seen "the Era of Orton," 2009 will truly be the year that Orton shines. Expect to be building gold statues and sacrificing several oxen in this man's name as he will surely impress us all with multiple world title reigns in 2009.

Expect to see Evan Bourne jump ship to RAW in the 2009 draft, yet again moving ECW's star talent away from the show in order to bring in more greenhorns.

Expect to see Jack Swagger drafted to Smackdown, where he will no doubt join the likes of Shelton Benjamin in the midcard following what was a top-notch run on ECW.

The matter of retirement will be brought up in regards to the Undertaker in a big way in 2009, although it will not be the year he shelf's his urn.

The team of Hawkins and Ryder will be split up by the draft and both will be pushed as singles competitors, only one will do well while the other will flop, unfortunately I can't tell the difference between the two so I can't say which.

The love story between the Bella twins and the Colon brothers will ultimately end in a feud between Carlito and Primo, which will be the ultimate cause of the teams' break-up.

Well, that about wraps up my 2009 predictions. They may be contrary to my Wrestlemania 25 wish list, but that was more what I wanted to happen, whereas this is what I expect to happen.

Please let me know what you think of my forecast on the accompanying poll, or leave a comment. One question I pose to you is which one of my predictions do you think is least likely to come true?

Until next year, have a good one!


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