Lets Go Cena! RKO!: Why WWE Crowds Make The Show

Danny SmithContributor IDecember 31, 2008

Every week when I read the live recap of Raw/Smackdown/ECW from a wrestling site, the description of the crowd seems usually the same. With phrases like "Cena comes out to a huge pop" or "Several boring chants were heard in the arena" or "Triple H comes out to a nice pop". Quite frankly it gets me thinking: How can EVERY crowd be exactly the same.

But then I find hope like the fabulous Toronto crowd last week, which booed the hell out of Cena, cheered for Santino, and chanted "Y2J". I love crowds that are made up of older guys and mostly mark fans, who cheer for who they want to and not for who they're SUPPOSED to. New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago are other examples of this.

I really love these shows because they not only make the show entertaining for the people in the arena, but for the superstars as well. It seems to give the performers energy and make them want to put on a better show, which makes the fans at home happy as well.

So when we don't get the crowd like we did last week and we sit through the other 40 weeks of shows that don't have great crowds, the shows seem to falter. Smackdown digitally enhances the crowd to make it seem like there are larger cheers (if you don't believe me watch clips of when they do backstage interviews: the noise is exactly the same).

ECW crowds don't cheer because quite frankly there is nothing to cheer for, except for Tommy Dreamer, Hornswoggle, and whoever the WWE exiles there (Matt Hardy).

That only leaves Raw, which gets great crowds not only because it has the best superstars, but because there is a certain vibe because the show is live.

I have been to three WWE shows personally and they have all been fantastic crowds. I would have to say Survivor Series this year was my favorite. We chanted boring throughout the horrid WWE Championship match, chanted We Want Hardy, Popped for Edge, cheered Orton (listen to the pop when he RKO'd Batista), and had a mixed reaction for Cena (didn't show up on TV that well). Considering it was Cena's hometown, there should have been more cheers and less seven year old kids walking around with signs that said "If Cena wins we riot" and "Jericho got screwed".

So if you are attending a WWE live event in the future, don't hold back, because it will not only make you feel good, but the show will be better as well.


Note: I would like to stick up for the Manchester, NH crowd from Raw this past Monday. I attended this show and the crowd was fantastic, but for some reason it did not pick up on TV that well and people on Youtube have called it the worst crowd of the year. We were rowdy from the beginning and I don't know whether the acoustics were bad or whatever, but I felt that the crowd was great.