Fantasy WWE Feuds That Could Make Headlines

gambit aierContributor IDecember 30, 2008

In wrestling history, there has been mega feuds which can never be forgotten—some of my favourites were Stone Cold vs. the McMahon's, DX vs. Rated RKO, Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero etc.

With the way the WWE is heading right now, it's clear that there will be many more to come. So which superstars can create such legendary feuds in the near future?


HBK and The Undertaker

It's pretty obvious that this match will take place at Wrestlemania 25. I hope that the superstars put up a legendary match to go along with a strong storyline, just like both superstars did at last years Wrestlemania (HBK vs. Flair, Undertaker vs. Edge).


Regal and CM Punk

A feud for the ages, as Regal said.

I'm sure it will be great if WWE puts a lot of effort in it. Let them do what they do best—both in the ring as well as on the mic—I think both of them have a great chemistry in the ring together and Regal has always wanted to do a program with Punk. If this works out, it could be the best thing for the Intercontinental Title in years.


Edge and Jeff Hardy

These Smackdown superstars have the potential to start a feud that could go on for years. These two have quite a history together way back to their TLC days—they could create a magic in the ring with their unique personalities meshing together. It could be a case of classic babyface and a classic heel scenario.


Triple H and Mr. McMahon

I've always had the pleasure of watching Mr. McMahon start a feud with the top superstars of WWE. He feuded with Shawn Michaels in 2006, along with a classic feud against DX. What better way to start 2009 by having a feud between the Chairman of WWE and the top superstar in WWE. Maybe Stephanie could side with Triple H and Shane could side with his father and start the extreme feud of this decade.