NBA Dunk Contests: Creativity, Massive Dunks Galore

BobAnalyst IFebruary 17, 2008

Over the past couple of years I have been extremely disappointed with the creativity and skill I have seen in the NBA dunk contests.

This year was not the same at all.

Though Rudy Gay could have picked any dunk from his YouTube! contest to perform at the dunk contest, he picked something that lacked the creativity and skill that Dwight Howard and others showed us all night.

Dwight Howard owned one of the most creative dunk contests of all time last night.

He bounced the ball off the back of backboard and brought it around right to left to slam it down.  The dunk scored perfect 50s from the judges—he gets a 51 from me for the difficulty of that one.

Gerald Green of the Minnesota Timberwolves blowing out a candle on a cupcake while slamming one down?  You can't really beat that kind of creativity.

Then we witnessed quite possibly one of the most ridiculous outfits for a dunk—the Superman.

Dwight Howard gave everything he had to become the champion of 2008.  He ran up to near the free throw line and jumped as a teammate fed him the in the air.  He did not even dunk it; Howard ferociously threw the ball in from about three feet off the rim.

This was the first year that the fans were able to vote in the contest, responsible for the final round scores. 

After things were all said and done, Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic took home the crown.


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