NBA Slam Dunk Contest: Dwight Howard's Revenge

Joe WillettSenior Writer IFebruary 17, 2008

One year ago, Dwight Howard jumped 12 ft. 6 in. and put a sticker on the backboard while completing the dunk.

He had a dunk lined up for the finals where he would actually kiss the rim

He was then eliminated because the "judges" felt that his dunk wasn't nasty enough.

I was shocked, and so were his teammates.  Pretty much everybody felt that he was robbed.

This year, Dwight Howard was back with a vengeance.

He began by coming from behind the backboard, nearly hitting his head, and dunking it while his head was still behind the hoop.  Sure, that's been seen before, but only when one person throws it to another, he did it alone.

The dunk received a well deserved 50 by the judges.

Gerald Green, last years dunk contest winner, decided to put a cupcake on the rim, light a candle, and blow it out as he dunked.  A very impressive feat.  He received much praise for his originality and jumping ability. 

Then the time for the second dunk of the first round.  Howard decided it was time to pay respect to Soulja Boy, by removing his jersey to show that he had a Superman outfit on and added a cape to top it all off.  YOOOOOOUUUUU!

He didn't even dunk it, he had room to literally throw the ball into the hoop with authority.

Another 50.

Greene put his teammate on top of a ladder and had him hold it out straight-armed.  He grabbed the ball and somehow had time for a windmill.  He finished with authority and yet another impressive dunk. 

Time for the finals, Howard vs. Green.

Green goes first.  He catches the ball off a bounce, goes between the legs, and dunks it.  He doesn't want Howard to run off and take the contest without some sort of challenge.

Howard, on the other hand, decides that he should put the contest away with one dunk.  He throws up the ball, then uses one hand to knock it against the back-board and then uses the other hand to finish the dunk.  He again gets insaine air underneath him.

It seems like Howard's suggestion for a 12 foot rim isn't so crazy for him to use.

Greene knows his defeat.  He loses his shoes and does a basic windmill.  The crowd knows it's over, Greene knows it's over, but it doesn't seem like Howard does.

He spent plenty of time planning these dunks, so he is going to use them.

Howard sets a smaller hoop next to the regulation hoop, and rests the ball on it.  He jumps, removes the ball from the miniature hoop, and puts it into the larger one.  Another amazing dunk.

Howard wins with 78 percent of the vote.

He had a few of the best dunks of all time on his quest to bring back the dunk contest from obscurity.

It may be a year too late, but Dwight Howard, enjoy your trophy and your victory.  You have just single-handidly saved the Dunk Contest.

The best of last nights dunks can be seen here.

I'm Joe W.