New Years Resolutions For The Sports Enthusiasts

S. SinghContributor IDecember 30, 2008

Now that Christmas is done, it seems the time to reflect is over and the time to look forward is here.  With that comes the yearly new years' resolutions that most make and break by the end of January.  Well, this year is no different, I too will embark upon this yearly ritual with hope and promise.

Aside from the personal goals of eating healthy, maintaining my running schedule, drinking more (water) and partying less (?) to focus on grant writing and the usual PhD stuff, I too have some sporting resolutions.  I am usually successful with my personal goals. Not sure how these sporting ones will go.

10. I'll be nice to Sean Avery in future writings

9.   I'm going to try not to cringe when someone tells me rhythmic gymnastics (the one with the twirly ribbon thingy) is a bona fide Olympic sport.

8.  I will keep the faith for Michigan State Football for 2009

7.  I will not throw things at the TV.

6.  I won't scream at sports when non-sports fans are present (it tends to scare them and make them drop whatever they are holding).

5.  I'll try to minimize foul language in front of kids when assessing various refereeing "calls".

4. I'm going to try not to be an armchair coach in sports I know nothing about (cricket, basketball, golf—which isn't really a sport, speed-walking and baseball).

3.  I won't morally judge New York Rangers and New York Yankee fans on the basis of the team they support (I think I just broke this resolution now by the comment I just verbally tossed at a colleague, luckily, it's still 2008!)

2.  No fighting or "loud discussions" over sporting politics over Tim Horton's coffee!

1.  I will not let my team's losses from previous nights affect my mood at work the next day (I don't know how long this will last!).


Well, again, lets see how long these last.  Check back next year for the update :)  Happy New Year Everyone...Keep support'in...keep sport'in....keep bleacher report'in :)