Capitol One Bowl Preview: Georgia vs. Michigan State

NC NighthawkAnalyst IDecember 30, 2008


While Georgia certainly has fallen short of preseason expectations, the Bulldogs are a talented team that is  capable of beating any college football team in the country on any given day.

Michigan State is a surprise to be here because of RB Javon Ringer, who led the Spartans to an impressive 9-3 record in the Big 10.

But despite not living up to those expectations, Georgia will likely  provide a difficult match-up for the Spartans because of an elite running back in Knowshon Moreno.

This Michigan State team is good enough that if Georgia plays flat, the Spartans will prevail. If the Bulldogs show up to play their best, Georgia should win comfortably. There is too much offensive firepower for an average MSU defense to contain. I expect that Ringer will struggle to consistently run well against the 8-man box of the Georgia defense.

Will this be the final appearances for Stafford and Moreno in a UGA uniform? They will end this season as significant winners.

The Silver Fox Forecast: Georgia 37, Michigan State 27