Who Will Be the Next Head Coach of the Detroit Lions?

Joshua LobdellCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

No matter who I think is the right guy for this job; the Lions front office track record proves that they will not hire him. I truly believe that the Lions front office will once again hire a “name” guy who is probably already past his coaching prime.


To say I have no faith in the new Lions President Tom Lewand and GM Martin Mayhew is a vast understatement. At best these are the guys who helped build a 0-16 disaster. At worst god only knows but the Lions could truly be staring at a 0-32 two year record.


On top of a needing a head coach the Lions desperately need a personnel guy. They need someone who can evaluate talent, rebuild the scouting department, and insure that next year’s multiple high end draft picks are not wasted.


Being the next Lions head coach is such a Herculean task that I cannot think of one perfect candidate for the job. This is a team so devoid of talent that they are worse off than a first year expansion club. How on earth this gets turned around is far beyond my sports knowledge. With that being said I think there is only one candidate that might be able to make the difference.


The more and more I look at Brian Billick makes a lot of sense for this team. Think about it basically an offensive guy who was able to win the Super Bowl on the back of a superior defense.


I could make the case that his Baltimore Ravens team was weak, especially on the offensive side, but still able to win. That kind of knowledge could come in handy for the Lions. He could also be the third piece of the lions multi headed personnel department.


Granted his drafts with the Raves weren’t the greatest but he did find a few gems in there. Todd Heap taken with the 31st pick overall being one of the highlights, he also took Jamal Lewis with the fifth overall pick.


I think that proves he could be a valuable asset in the war room on draft day as the Lions will have the first overall pick and the 20th pick in the first round. If the Lions fail to get significant contributors with both of these draft picks the 2009 lion’s season will be over before it begins.


Billick has had a significant role on the Head Coaching rooster of the NFL. No less than four former Billick assistants are current NFL head coaches, and if we cont Mike Nolan who was fired earlier this year the number would be five. Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville), Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati), Mike Singletary (San Francisco), and Mike Smith (Atlanta) were all at one time Billick assistants. That proves to me this guy knows how to build a staff, and is another glaring need of the Detroit Lions.


Pf curse as I write this there are reports all over Detroit Sports Talk Radio that Billick’s advisors are telling him that Detroit is a no win situation and it appears that he will not be in line for this job.