Gift Ideas For a NASCAR Fan

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Gift Ideas For a NASCAR Fan

Christmas is over but women around the world are now wondering what the heck to get their husbands, boyfriends, sons and dads for upcoming birthdays, anniversarys and of course VALENTINES DAY…

All he says is ‘I like sports…’

That doesn’t give you any help now does it? So here are a few items if the man in your life is a NASCAR fan that you could buy him later...


1. Tickets —  This has to be the number thing that most NASCAR fans would enjoy. Who doesn’t like to sit only feet from cars traveling more than 200 m.p.h. while dirt and rubber fly up in your face and you feel nausiated from the fumes burning? A woman — that’s who! So instead of purchasing tickets for you and your hubby to spend the weekend together at Daytona, purchase a ticket for him and a friend and bid them farewell. OK, so if you want to take the trip to Daytona as well, make sure he has a buddy who has a lady friend you can shop with while they enjoy the race… That is unless, of course, you are a NASCAR fan yourself, then by all means the gift will be just as good for you as it is him!

 Track Recommendations: Bristol and Daytona


2. A home entertainment center —  I decided to make the television and/or surround sound into the same category for one main reason… If you have one or the other, it’s just not the same. So this holiday season, find your man the perfect combination of high definition television and good ol’ surround sound to make it feel like them cars are zipping by your head. Again, this is a gift that you can enjoy and one that is becoming all the more possible with the likes of Vizio and Wal-Mart !

Home Entertainment Recommendations: 32″ HD Vizio and  Sony Bravia


3. Fathead —  What could be better than pasting a near ‘life-size’ picture of Dale Earnhardt Jr. next to you and your hubby’s wedding picture? Men like their sports, and even more than they like their sports, they like their individual drivers and/or teams… So take the opportunity to allow them to have the number 88 or a picture of JuneBug’s car on the wall — even if it’s only during the races when their friends come over! These are cool gift ideas because they aren’t too expensive [between $40 and $100 for most I saw] and they are easily transferred to other locations when it’s time to be a bit classier. And hey… you may find one you like for yourself while you are shopping…

FATHEAD Recommendations: Dale Jr. Photo and  #88 Logo


4. Sports package on satellite —  OK, so lets get realistic… not everyone  can afford tickets to the biggest sporting events, or the gas to get there… People also can’t always afford the High Definition televisions with the booming sound systems, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, how bout giving your stud the NASCAR HotPass offered exclusively through DirecTV? Dude may not be able to feel the rubber hitting his face and/or smell the fumes but he will have a first-hand view of several drivers each race weekend [all of which can be seen commercial free!] It also allows him to be able to listen to live team audio. Prices aren’t bad and are currently unavailable with the NASCAR season in the far distance, but its something worth looking into.

Sports Package Recommendations:  DirecTV’s NASCAR HotPass


5. Die-cast Collectible — Nothing says ‘I love Jimmie Johnson’ like having several hundred die-cast model cars throughout the house… One for each of his victories over the past several seasons and/or one for each of his three-in-a-row championships he has won… Die-cast cars give men something to put on their shelves, it gives them something to show off to their friends and most of all — it gives them something to pass down to their children. Sure some of the cars may cost $50+, but it’s worth the excitement they’ll have on their face when they look like a 5-year-old boy again when they open the gift!

Die-Cast Recommendations:  EBAY [much cheaper!]

There ya go… there are some ideas for what to get your sports-crazed man in your life for this year… or next?


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