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Alex DavidsonContributor IDecember 30, 2008

For my first article on Bleacher Report I was wondering what I could write and because everything I thought of had already been wrote about by the other Bleacher Report writes so I decided that if I couldn't beat 'em I might as well join 'em so like 500 other people I thought I'd write a mid - season review.

Here's an interesting (hopefully!) list of my views on the season so far.

Rafa was Right

As a 14 year old Liverpool fan I have never experienced my team win the league so I couldn't be more pleased with our current position ... or could I? In a couple of weeks we'll probably sit 1 point above United (judging that they'll most likely win their games in hand) I don't expect a Liverpool to win every game they play but I expect 3 points against Stoke,Fulham (who had the worst away record in the league at the time) and a least 1 against Tottenham. 

I would feel a lot more comfortable with an 8 point gap rather than 1. For the past couple of season's I've had to sit with my mates at school while they laughed at Rafa Benitez rotational system and I found myself annoyed myself when I'd tune into Sky Sports 1 to see the team sheet and realise Rafa has put Stevie - G on the left wing to make room for the hopeless Momo Sossoko(thank god he left) in the centre of midfield.

Even if I did laugh when after rotating 99 games in a row he kept the same squad it was still frustrating to see Djibril Ciise on the right wing a couple of season's back. Now one point clear Rafa has kept practically the same team every game and with Fernando Torres injured i'm beginning to wonder ... are we going to run out of steam.

Compared to Chelsea we have as much depth as a piece of paper and I dread to think of the day when Steven Gerrard tears his hamstring and we throw on Lucas to replace him. Liverpool tend to improve in the second half of the season and the only way that is going to happen is if Stevie - G stops brawing with DJ's, Torres stays injury free and Robbie Keane carries on his run of decent form (if you can call it that).

John Terry is over - rated

Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Cristiano Ronaldo are always a couple of names I hear that are over - rated, there's one I do agree with (I'm not telling you but I'm a Liverpool fan so you could probably guess) but one name I never hear is John Terry. Watching a couple of Chelsea games I noticed that the Chelsea defence is not as strong as it used to be and that is mainly down to Carvalho's absence.

Much like Jamie Carragher Carvalho sit's in defence and does his job without any fuss, I then look at John Terry who usually is called the best defender in the world, when you watch him you couldn't agree more but then when you concentrate on his performances you realise he isn't that great, it's great making a last ditch sliding tackle to save the game or nodding a header from a corner but Terry fails at the basics, he usually occupies the position at the near post so it looks like a superhuman act when he sticks a foot out to stop a certain call but when he stands where he should he usually ends up making a silly lunge resulting in a red card (leon osmon for example) or losing his temper. The problem is John Terry might look superhuman at certain moments but for the majority of the match he fails at the most important part actually defending.

Cristiano Ronaldo isn't the best in the world anymore

United fans should take note of the anymore located at the end of the sentence. Last season i'll hold my hands up he was the best in the world but now he has reverted back to the player from three years ago.

Last season Ronaldo would pull Untied out of a ditch by scoring a goal of the season contender and for the majority of the time had kept the diving to a minimum but this season Ronaldo has crumbled under the pressure. Now regarded as the best and lumbered in a club he doesn't want to be at (Ferguson can deny it as much as he likes) he has become the player everyone hated a few years back, the one that would throw a tantrum when he screwed up, the one that rolled around after being a shoulder barge and most annoyingly the one that complains about being kicked off the park afterwards even though he get's the same as everyone else.

The problem is even United fans are starting to dislike the Portuguese winger and even more important than that is the fact that the other United players seemed to be getting annoyed when he jumps 3 yards after getting knocked off the ball or who loses it while trying to take on the ninth player when Wayne Rooney is stood waiting for a pass.

The FA need to actually do what they're there for.

Lets face it Wayne Rooney should be sat at home facing a suspension. After that horrible stamp on a keeper in the champions league Rooney got off free and now after trying to elbow Faye it seems he'll get off with it again, everyone bar United and Cheslea know that the FA are scared of anyone with more than £5 in their bank account.

Earlier in the season John Terry yet again got a red card overturned after rugby tackling Jo even though if John Terry had played for Fulham the outcome would have been less likely. After the ghost goal at Watford earlier in the season in the championship the FA need to shut up about goal line technology and start actually thinking about using it,  the ridiculously paid FA need to actually think of a way to re-start after using the video footage before someone else gets away with a goal they haven't scored.

We'd respect Refs if they did their job.

I'm pretty sure i'm not the only who thinks this way. After watching Rob Styles screw up for the 100th time and not get punished I got a bit annoyed. It's alright Andy Gray saying that demoting a ref won't make a mistake but if you're at work and you mess up you'll get sacked, reffing is a job so they should be treated the same way.

Robbie Keane wasn't the worst summer buy.

Robbie Keane at the moment is receiving more criticism than he deserves, he might not be firing in goals but the only reason he's under the microscope is because Liverpool hadn't managed to score against teams like Stoke and Fulham. But nobody ever points the finger at Dimtair Berbatov, a man who cost £10 million more than Keane and has scored around the same amount of goals, Robbie Keane also works extremely hard and was probably the main reason Liverpool beat United he didn't score but he put pressure on the opposition and made vital moves and passes compared to Berbatov who made 1 good pass in the first five minutes than stood and sulked for the rest of the match, this routine has continued up until now while Keane has recently hit good form and started scoring.

Mark Hughes isn't the man to lead City

I find it laughable that the Abu Dabi group would want Mark Hughes' face plastered all around Asia, I can't see the twp co - existing when Abu Dabi are dreaming that Kaka would leave a champions league spot for a a mid table club in City while Mark Hughes wants to bring in the likes of Stephen Warnock. This is forgetting the most important point, Mark Hughes is a crap manager and it's irritating to watch him in the post - match press conference blaim a 3-0 defeat on the ref for the 10th time.


I can't be bothered writing the whole league out so here's my top 5 prediction

1.Liverpool - If we can make a few good summer signings and Torres stays injury free we've got the best chance we've ever had.                                                           

2.Manchester United - The trip to the Club World Cup could cost them in the long run, predicting they'll most likely go far in the Champions League so it'll probably come to a point where they've got about 6 games in a fortnight.

3.Chelsea - Every Chelsea player bar Frank Lampard seem to have become a bit disillusioned at Chelsea (especially Drogba) they're lacking the fire power they used to have.

4.Arsenal - Cesc's injury may be a blessing in disguise as it may force Weneger to spend big, Wenger has a decent eye for talent and will probably bring the quality signings needed to edge Villa out.

5.Aston Villa - Don't have the depth to last the season out or the money to buy players who do.

Champions League - Barcalona 1-2 Liverpool 

FA Cup - Manchester United 3-2 Chelsea

Uefa Cup - A.C Milan 3-0 Aston Villa


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