Neymar Goal Video: Watch Santos Star Neymar's Epic Goal in Club World Cup

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 14, 2011

The sound you hear is the drooling from Real Madrid and Barcelona as they continue to hope that one day Neymar will be pulling off these goals for them. 

Neymar is the most coveted player not throwing it down in Europe right now; he is much more content to spend his formative years with Brazilian side Santos. Comfort never looked so good as he dropped an epic goal in the club World Cup. 

It was the opening salvo in what ended up being a 3-1 victory over Japan’s Kashiwa Reysol in their Club World Cup semifinal in Toyota Wednesday.

Neymar gets the ball from a precise through ball. As the Japanese back line attempts to close in on the Santos star, a fake strike that even fooled me is given. 

The ball is magically stuck to Neymar's right foot as he puts one last touch on it to transfer the ball to his left. That's when poise trumps power in a perfectly placed ball that goes through to the back of the net. 

All you can do after a trike like that is sit back and begin the slowest of claps. That was simply amazing. Neymar has to leave Santos at some point. 

This kind of talent can't be kept from the rest of the world for long. The big item of note is that the final may feature Santos taking on Barcelona. That would be a great primer on how Neymar stacks up in his current form against legends like Lionel Messi. 

This just one more goal of many that Neymar has shocked us all with. He is bound to have dozens more, and perhaps for a European side that can finally make this genius a household name.