UFC 99: The Senior Circuit

Andrew AltonCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

On June 13, 2009, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will be hosting their monthly pay-per-view event (UFC 99).  The event will take place at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany.

Many people are speculating that the UFC will go above and beyond the norm to put on a special show for the highly anticipated UFC 100.

Personally, I think Dana White is saving Lesnar-Mir II to headline UFC 100.  But what does this leave for UFC 99?

As the article's title states, I propose that UFC 99 be titled "The Senior Circuit".

After UFC 91 and 92, cliches such as "over the hill" and "past their prime" have been used to describe fighters in the UFC that were previously big draws.

While these fighters were once main draws and staples of the UFC, their ability to headline as a mainevent may now be in question.  So why not stockpile them all onto one card?

Allowing the more veteran fighters to oppose each other, the winners could become relevant again.  Conversely, the losers may deem it necessary to hang up the gloves and retire.

It would be a win-win situation for the UFC.  The winners can show that they still have "juice" left in the tank, thus Dana can justify giving them another opportunity at a top five ranked opponent in their weight class.

Dana could also cut the losers from the UFC without agitating the masses.  Even the fans of said losers would have to comprehend the reasons behind such actions if the fighter has lost to the up-and-comers and now to the older, veteran fighters.

I think a fight card for UFC 99:  The Senior Circuit might look something like this...

Main Event:  Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

The winner immediately aligns himself for a title shot against he winner of Lesnar-Mir II.  The loser sinks further down the HW ladder, past Gonzaga, Kongo, and Carwin; or perhaps out of the UFC entirely.  However, I think the first is more likely.

Co-Main Event:  Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva

This is a fight to stay relevant.  Both fighters have shown their "glass" jaw lately.  The winner stays relevant in the range of top five to 10 in the LHW division, where the loser needs to change divisions or promotions to continue to be competitive in fights.

Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra

Both men have been hampered by injuries.  This might be both fighters last fight.  I don't see a more fit way to end their careers than to fight each other.  Neither fighter is in the title picture or overly relevant at this time.  However, this still provides relevancy in that MMA and UFC fans would like to see them fight again.

Marcus Aurelio vs. Rich Clementi

Neither men are exactly "spring chickens" as they are both in their 30s.  Both have an abundant amount of fights under their belts, so their fighting age is "older" than their actual age.  Both men are coming off losses and both need a win to nudge into the top 10 of the lightweight division.

Dan Henderson vs. Nate Quarry

Okay, so this one is a stretch.  Henderson is fluctuating between LHW and MW, but I think he will find a home in the middleweight division.  Hendo is 38 and Quarry is 36.  Granted, I know Quarry just got dismantled by Demian Maia, but so has everyone Maia has faced.  A win would serve as a stepping stone for either fighter, and a loss might well be the last in the UFC for either fighter.


Dan Evensen vs. Mostapha Al Turk

Houston Alexander vs. Mark Colemon

Jeremy Horn vs. Jorge Rivera

Marcus Davis vs. Chris Lytle II (I think the first fight will be entertaining)

Spencer Fisher vs. Hermes Franca

This fight card should allow the UFC to reasonably cut fighters and at the same time justifiably give winners marquee match ups with top five fighters of their weight class.