My Favorite Hockey Websites

Dan LondonCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

There are tons of excellent hockey websites that feature all kinds of excellent content on a daily basis. Here is a rundown of some of my favorites.

I always hated the official NHL site. It was poorly organized and that made trying to fine the good content that was there very difficult. The site finally underwent a redesign and is now one of the best sports sites on the web. I do wish that the live gamecenter broadcasts were free or available cheaper ($21/month or $125/season).



This site is part of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and primarily focuses on the Penguins, but does offer a pretty decent daily collection of links and stories for both conferences. Seth Rorabaugh does a great job at finding the best jersey fouls at the Igloo, and having lived in Johnstown, PA for a few years and gone to a number of Pens games, I can tell you that they are plentiful.



Don’t let the lame name fool you. This Yahoo! Site run by Greg Wyshynski is one of the best hockey blogs. The site is updated constantly throughout the day and features a collection of videos, links and more.



Another great hockey blog. Good posts and great insight.


The Hockey News:

I just can’t get into the site. I love the magazine, but for some reason I hate visiting THN on the web.



Alltop is an awesome site run by Guy Kawasaki. The hockey section is a “virtual newsstand” that features updates posts from tons of hockey blogs.

What are some of your favorites?