WWE News: The Big Show's Road to the Coveted Championship

Jessica Eberle@Bookjunkie87Contributor IIIDecember 14, 2011

As if Big Show's life as a seven foot and 500 lbs giant was not hard enough. It seems that his road to the World Heavyweight Championship created quite a challenge for him.

Since his debut in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Big Show has never held the World Heavyweight Championship. Except in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Big Show defeated Rob Van Dam to win the coveted championship.

In early January 2011, Big Show competed in a Fatal Four Way to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. As millions of viewers around the world watched, he was well on his way to winning. That was the case until Smackdown newcomer Wade Barrett interfered, and cost Big Show the match. Losing this match also meant that he was out of the title picture once again, and on to other matches.

 Later on he teamed up with Kane again, to become the Tag Team Champions. Due to a new rivalry with Alberto Del Rio and an injury, Big Show became an angry giant. He was to compete in a match against Mark Henry which he refused to contend in.

Big Show lost his temper and attacked Henry. This led to The World’s Strongest Man turning heel and returning the favor. Mark Henry cost Big Show three months of his career, and the titles with Kane.

During that time, Mark Henry obtained the World Title from Randy Orton. Upon his return, the Big Show had his eyes set on the belt. Also, on revenge for what Mark Henry did to him. These two colossal men went head-to-head at Vengeance. In the end, it kept Big Show away from his goal. 

Mark Henry and Big Show went head-to-head at the following pay-per-view, which was Survivor Series. This match began as something we would never forget. Both competitors gave it their all. Big Show could almost taste victory. Though as fate would have it, Henry had ideas of his own to retain his title.

Henry felt the title slipping away from him and into the hands of his opponent, so he intentionally disqualified himself. The Big Show won the match. Once again he left the match empty handed and angry.

Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is the final pay-per-view of 2011. Once again Big Show has his eyes set on the World Heavyweight Championship. He will take on the Hall of Pain creator, Mark Henry, in a Chairs Match.This match seems fitting for both men due to the involvement that chairs have had in their rivalry.

The weapon that cost Big Show months off his career could, in turn, become the weapon that assists him in becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion.