Is the NFC the NFL's JV Conference?

Darren SanchezContributor INovember 2, 2016

Every season, you hear popular opinion stated by "everyone" that one conference or division is better than the other.

You hear it in baseball with the American League claiming superiority, in basketball, where until very recently the Western Conference was recognized as better and deeper, and even in college football as the SEC, Pac 10 and Big 12 ALL claim to be the best.

In the NFL, the public opinion is that the AFC is the better conference. NFC fans rise up to dispute this, based on the Giants beating the Pats last year, or beating the Steelers this year, and on anything else they can think of that might support their position.

In an attempt to settle it once and for least this season, we'll take a look at the argument, using new pairings. So which conference really is better, the AFC or NFC?

Let's matchup this years playoff seeds and start the debate.


No. 6 Seeds- Eagles vs Ravens

The Ravens killed the Eagles this year, 36-7. They'd probably do it again if they had to, as Philly can be great, but they are too inconsistent to be counted on.


No. 5 Seeds- Falcons vs Colts

Atlanta is a respectable 11-5, the Colts are 12-4. You gotta love what the Falcons did this year. They didn't play each other head-to-head, but come on...Everyone knows the Colts are better.


No. 4 Seeds- Cardinals vs Chargers

The Cards finished 9-7, getting fat off their weak NFC West schedule and looked terrible at the end of the year. The Chargers were only 8-8, but won their last four games and finished as hot as the preseason predictions said they'd be. This is getting easier...Chargers are better.


No. 3 Seeds- Vikings vs Dolphins

Minnesota finished 10-6, while Miami was 11-5 in a tougher division. This one is closer, but I still have to say AFC wins... the Dolphins are better.


No. 2 Seeds- Panthers vs Steelers

No disrespect to the 12-4 Panthers, as they could very well win the Superbowl. In fact, they might even be better than the Giants, despite losing in NY a few weeks ago. But the Steelers were also 12-4, allowed over 100 less points this season, have the best defense in the NFL, and are the better team; though this one is very close.


No. 1 Seeds- Giants vs Titans

The Titans (13-3) beat up Pittsburgh by a score of 31-14 just a few weeks ago; while the Giants have struggled of late, winning only one of their last four games. But in fairness to the Superbowl Champion Giants (12-4), lets call this one a toss-up.


We could look even deeper, but I won't bother to mention the teams who ALMOST made the playoffs... Cowboys vs Patriots / Bucs vs Jets / Bears vs Broncos, etc. The Detroit Lions alone practically settle the argument, if you go top to bottom.

I believe the outcome is clear. I wouldn't say the NFC is the JV Conference, as that would be inflammatory and an exaggeration of truth. But it certainly appears that the NFC is the inferior conference, at least this year.