Auburn 2012 Game Plan: It May Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2011

All is well. Remain calm.
All is well. Remain calm.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It is like painting a boat with watercolors: no matter how beautiful it looks once you put it in the water it is all for naught.

Auburn just lost what was left of their identity. Gus Malzahn headed off to take the Arkansas State job. Of course Auburn fans knew this day was coming—they just didn't expect it so soon. Maybe after 2012 and another national championship was their mantra. They had Frazier, Dyer, a returning offensive line and a two-deep experienced defense that could...hold on. 

I'm starting to paint a rosy boat.

Here is the situation. Up until about the third game of this season the Auburn fans were screaming about how they had the greatest coaching staff in the country. Okay, minus Ted Roof. Now this begs the question: what do they have?

They have an offense that was built by one coordinator that not many coaches, if any, can come in and duplicate. They have a failing quarterback situation with no one in sight that can lead the team. Their No. 1 offensive playmaker is suspended and rumored to want out of the program. Two sides of the ball are anemic at best. And, they have a defensive-minded head coach who is just now getting involved with the defense because Roof is gone.

For all the talk about this being a rebuilding year down on the plains, that will just have to be pushed over to 2012. 

The offense will have to be overhauled. Contrary to what some B/R writers think, this was Malzahn's offense and not Auburn's. And promoting an assistant such as Trooper Taylor or Curtis Luper would be a joke and an acid Band-Aid that would create more scarring than healing. 

Though Chizik has said he has no timetable for hiring coordinators, I am sure he is not sitting back on his laurels waiting until after the bowl games. He needs to grab the best one before Florida and Alabama make their moves.

Until then, there are just questions.

Why are these coordinators departing? Is it just business? Was Roof cheating the hangman? Did Mrs. Malzahn create a riff in the program? Is the ship NCAA torpedoed? Had their schemes been figured out? Or, did they realize that next year will be just as bad as this year and their stock could only go down?

All I know is that the slogan "Family, All In" sounds even sillier now than when it was first muttered.