XWA Wrestling Recap: Christmas Chaos

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2011

XWA presents Christmas Chaos
XWA presents Christmas Chaos

Canadians are passionate about their country, and rightly so. We’re peacekeepers, not warmongers. We’re uniters not dividers. We like to believe that we stand up for all the good things in the world.

For the countries that seek to allow their people to have the rights and freedoms, that we sometimes take for granted. We don’t like to go to war. However, when we see something that is vile, evil, and despicable, we pick up our guns and get ready.

This night, on our behalf, General Duce will stand up for all the proud men, women, and children who live in our great nation. Duce will be defending our honour against the villainous Shaheer Rasool who will be representing Iraq.

As is always the case, where there is Rasool, you will no doubt find the Sheik skulking nearby. The flags have already been placed on the poles and hung over the ring.

Last month in the main event of the evening, Beat The Clock challenge winner Kurtis Isaac Real will go one on one against the current XWA Heavyweight Champion, Dazzling Dick Durning. Dazzling Dick may still be reeling from the sneak attack at the end of last month’s event when KI Real attacked him from behind leaving him in a heap.

In addition, we’ll be eagerly looking forward to see if either James Steele or Julius Fantana will be seeking retribution on Wesley Pipes and Jonny Versace. Pipes and Versace appear to have joined forces to become agents of chaos, and have both Steele and Fantana in their sites.

The fans have been talking about whether Ryan Heath has lost his mind given his recent abnormal behavior. And who knows what else will take place the night of Christmas Chaos.

What follows is a detailed recap of the event:

Segment one – Recap of last months event

First off we’re treated to a detailed video recap of the last show, Revenge. The highlights of the video package detail the match results which included:

1. Kayden Rave defeated brother Mikey in the first Beat The Clock challenge match of the evening.

2. Jonny Versace beat Sunny Warcloud with a brainbuster in the second Beat The Clock challenge match. He would set what was at that point, the time to beat.

3. KI Real got a victory over Barstool Bailey with a little help from his manager Mister Wallace. Real delivered back-to-back reality check’s before getting the pinfall over the Irishmen. Real became the new front runner having secured the fastest victory of the evening.

4. Julius Fantana was robbed of a win over Chip Chambers when Jonny Versace pulled the referee out of the ring, just as he was issuing the three count. This cost Fantana a shot at the title given there had been no interference. He had been tracking to have the fastest time in the Beat The Clock challenge.

5. In the main event of the evening we saw the unexpected. The Freshmen Josh Kotsabasakis not only defeated Raj Mahal, but in doing so (as per match stipulation) retired him from active competition in the XWA forever.

Kurtis Isaac Real
Kurtis Isaac Real

Once the video finishes up we are finally introduced to tonight’s offering, Christmas Chaos. So, without further ado, it’s time for the show to begin.

Segment one – KI Real sneak attacks

We cut to a clip where JD is in the parking lot outside the arena awaiting the arrival of the champ. Dazzling Dick Durning finally arrives and JD asks the question we all likely have on our mind: What are Dick’s thoughts on tonight’s championship match?

Dick says that he is not worried about the match tonight. The only thing memorable about Real so far, was his cheap shot attack last month at Revenge.

He’s about to give us some additional insight into his prematch state of mind, when out of nowhere KI Real attacks him again. He takes Dazzle Dick and throws him into the car door. Real takes Dicks leg, wedges it into the door, and slams it shut.

Dick is crying out in pain. Judging by his vocabulary, he is in a significant amount of discomfort. JD checks on Dick and asks the cameraman to call 911. Not a great start for Dick—And he’s not even in the building yet.

Match 1 - Ryan Heath vs Sunny Warcloud

Sunny Warcloud
Sunny Warcloud

Sunny Warcloud is out first. He makes his way around the ring issuing his familiar battle cry to the gods. He stops and offers his head attire to a young fan at ringside. One more lap around the ring. Up to the apron goes Sunny before stepping through the ropes, and awaiting his opponent.

Music hits. Nothing this reporter has heard before. Information I received from a colleague informed me that this track was used for the tag team Above Average. For those unfamiliar, this was the tag team comprised of Dick Durning and Ryan Heath some time ago. But this is no tag team match, and there’s no sign of Dick. Just Ryan Heath.

Once again this month it appears as if his razor only works on half of his face. His hair looks longer on one side too. Echoing Coug’s sentiments from last month, has this guy seen a doctor since being on the receiving end of John Strikers F-5 on the steel chair back at Aftermath in October?

He’s looking for some sympathy from the female fans at ringside, but they are all giving Heath the thumbs down treatment. That’s no respect for a former XWA Heavyweight Champion! Heath is finally up to the ring, goes through the ropes, and seems ready for action. I guess. Cut the music—Heath says something to Coug, who’s announcing the participants for this match.

Coug re-introduces Heath as just “Randal?" The crowd takes the bait like a prize sport fish. They chant his name as loud as they can.

Heath is clearly unstable as he backs in to the corner, seemingly chased by voices in his head. Ladies and gentlemen, this could get interesting. Bell rings and we’re off to the races with our opening contest.

The Canadian Icon Ryan Heath
The Canadian Icon Ryan Heath

They lock up with collar and elbow tie up with Heath getting the upper hand, and powering Warcloud into the corner. Clean break. The fans are turning up the volume on the “you’re a nut job” chants directed towards “Randal”.

Heath and Warcloud re-engage. This time Heath picks up Warcloud and carries him to the corner, where he sets him on the turnbuckle. Both break clean again. As Heath grumbles something to the referee, Warcloud takes the opportunity to kick Heath down to the mat

Heath is back up and Warcloud reverses some offense into a stiff clothesline followed by a dropkick which sends the Iconic one scampering out to the floor to collect his thoughts. Heath is walking around outside.  He is so caught up in himself, that he actually trips over the ring steps. This only serves to incense him more, and the fans have a laugh at his expense.

Heath circles the ring and proceeds to break into full Bushwhacker strut. His arms are pumping and eyes are bulging. Whether he’s really out of his tree, or whether he’s genius. No one’s sure at this point. He’s able to catch Warcloud, and eventually gets him outside the ring where he delivers some stiff shots to the back, followed by chops to the chest.

In a show of brute strength Heath picks up Warcloud, and throws him back into the ring with such authority. that he rolls all the way to the other side. and right back out on the floor. Heath circles and picks Warcloud up by the head. Stiff forearms and I think he’s even sneaking in a few closed fists. He takes Warcloud up into the stands.

After some stiff chops he tosses Warcloud down the bleacher stairs. Sunny rolled down at least 15 steps or so. Heath tosses Warcloud back into the ring and climbs in just as the ref was about to issue a countout. Heath shows his power again with a solid slam to the mat.  

And in what amounts to as a moment of “huh”, Heath heads for the Canadian Flag which has already been placed high atop the ring on a pole. Unfortunately for all involved, this match isn’t a flag on a pole match, and he isn’t supposed to be going near the flags.

Luckily the ref intercedes and restores some semblance of order to the match. Heath assumes control once again and delivers a side suplex to Warcloud. Heath decides to start working on the ankle of Warcloud who hasn’t been getting in much offense. Eventually he lets go and gives Warcloud a couple of forearms to the back sending him face first to the canvas. Heath heads into the ropes and drops a knee to the back of Warcloud. Then a second time.

He peels back his knee pad for a third attempt. He takes a moment to channel Bushwhacker Luke (or was it Butch) again as he walks the ring. Unfortunately for Heath, it appears as if he went to the well one too many times. Warcloud is able to roll out of the way and Heath lands awkwardly on his knee.

Warcloud tries a cradle for a pin but Heath kicks out. Warcloud attempts an Irish whip but Heath reverses it and then sends him into the corner. Warcloud went into the turnbuckle hard and he’s down on the ground.

Heath is calling for, the Spinaroonie? Looks like he opts not to go ahead with that one. Heath sets up for rolling German suplexes. He hits the first two with little trouble. He sticks the third for a pin, but Warcloud is able to get a shoulder up. Once again he gets a little greedy and he tries for a fourth, but Warcloud blocks the attempt.

XWA announcers Coug and JD
XWA announcers Coug and JD

Warcloud gives him a stiff kick and heads up to the corner. Hurricanrana by Warcloud takes Heath off his feet. Warcloud takes Heath into the corner with some forearms. He climbs up the ropes and starts delivering rights to the count of the crowd. He gets all the way to nine, stops, and gives a big tenth punch.

Sunny then sends Heath into the ropes but Heath is able to reverse it into a belly to back suplex. Heath, is also now down on the mat collecting himself.

Heath looks like he’s going for the kill as he motions his thumb across the throat. It’s Ryan Tamer time—He’s working hard to cinch it in and finally turns him over. Warcloud, however, is not tapping out and refuses to submit when asked by Steve Doussaud. Eventually Heath lets him out of the move and heads to the corner. Where he—tags—himself—in—What is going on?

Out of nowhere Warcloud hits Heath and flattens him on his back. Warcloud races up the corner turnbuckle, and soars like an eagle to hit a huge frogsplash. The ref counts it, one, two, and three for the pinfall.

Warcloud has defeated the Canadian Crazyman—I mean Ryan Heath. What a great win for Warcloud. What a disappointment for Heath. Heath is not taking the loss well and is having a meltdown in the ring kicking the ropes, and screaming himself hoarse.

The crowd is giving it to him. On the way past the steps, he slaps then kicks them. And finally, before heading for the back he takes out one of the decorative candy canes. Santa better bring this guy a shrink cause he’s having a severe identify crisis.

Segment two – Zane Valentine makes a call

Up to the screen and we see Zane Valentine, in Nelson Hum’s office. Still smarting from being singled out by the XWA wellness policy. Valentine tells Hum it’s not fair that he has to provide a urine sample. Hum says to either deliver the sample or he’s fired. Valentine contemplates his next move, and decides to make a call. He greets the person on the other end with a “hi mom”. Valentine says he needs a huge favour, and that he will be right over. Oh dear.

Match 2 - Wave Riders vs Renegades

Tonight we’re seeing a team we haven’t seen in the ring for a few months in the form of the Renegades. Shortly after they make their way to the ring, we hear Surfin USA hit the speakers and the fans pop in anticipation for the Wave Riders. Mikey and Kayden are out sporting their tag team title belts.

They perhaps overstay their welcome in terms of connecting with the fans. As evidenced by the look on the Renegades faces.

And as a thank you for their perceived antics, the Renegades pounce. Eric proceeds to jump Mikey from behind and pounds him down to the ground. Jack attacks Kayden. They begin to double team Mikey in the corner with big boots to his throat. Kayden tries to break it up and receives some offense from the Renegades for his troubles.

The Wave Riders
The Wave Riders

Mikey is down in the corner and Eric jumps up in the air and drops a knee to the gut. Official tag and in comes Jack Spears. Jack and Eric engage in some quick double teaming on Mikey. They send him into the ropes and give him a double hip toss.

When Mikey gets back to his feet he’s able to reverse things and eventually delivers a suplex to Jack. Kayden is in with a tag and winds up with some chops to Jack. Into the ropes by Kayden and shining wizard puts Jack down flat.

Double team work by the Wave Riders before Mikey is back in. Jack gets Mikey into a figure four and begins working his way to the corner to tag in Eric by sliding on his back. Eric goes up to the turnbuckle before dropping an elbow for a count of two on Mikey.

Snapmare by Eric on Mikey. Eric also delivers a stiff elbow to Kayden on the outside sending him to the ground below. Kayden is back up to the apron and climbs through the ropes clearly agitated. While the ref tries to get him back out of the ring, this allows Jack an opportunity to choke out Mikey on the ropes. Eric bounces off the ropes and drops elbows to the back of Mikey’s head.

Mikey finally gets back up to his feet. After a reversal, Mikey hits the ropes and comes off with a big knee knocking Eric down. Mikey attempts a high risk move but misses allowing Eric to get back up and clothesline him.

Tag to Jack, who is in and gets a two count. Jack breaks out a nice suplex, but only gets a one count. Jack tries another suplex and attempts a third one before Mikey is able to break out of his grip. He takes him down with a savat kick, which sends Jack down and out.

XWA superstar Josh Kotsabasakis
XWA superstar Josh Kotsabasakis

Both are struggling to get to their corners for a tag. At about the exact same time each is able to get the tag and in comes Kayden and Eric. Kayden is first to deliver a clothesline to Eric and then for good measure gives one to Jack, who hadn’t made it out of the ring just yet. Kayden delivers body slams to both Renegades and in the meantime, Mikey is getting a well deserved breather.

Kayden works Eric into the Wave Riders corner. Double Irish whip sends Eric into the prone position across the corner. Then Kayden attempts to slingshot Mikey into Eric in the corner, but he misses. Jack is in and cleans Mikey from behind in the ring. Jack is checking on Eric. At this point I can’t even tell who’s legal.

Looks like it’s Jack and Mikey. Eric is climbing up to the corner ringpost, but Kayden knocks him down. Mikey tags in Kayden and they deliver a double back body drop to Eric. Wave Riders head to corners across from each other. First Kayden nails a huge frog splash, and then Mikey nails him to seal the deal. Kayden rolls over to get the pin on Eric and that’s all folks.

The Wave Riders have successfully defended their XWA Tag Team Championship belts but everyone is coming away from this match with some major bumps and bruises.

Segment three – Josh Kotsabasakis delivers a eulogy

Coug is now in the ring and introduces everyone to Josh Kotsabasakis. Josh comes to the ring with his partners in crime, the Frat (Dale Dangles and Chip Chambers). Before Josh takes the microphone, he comes to the commentator table to grab a chair which he tosses in the ring. Josh is wearing a trendy Spiderman hoodie. I kid you not. Josh now takes a seat in the middle of the ring.

Josh says that before he speaks, he just wants everyone to know that Dale is not cleared to compete yet as a result of his infection. Good to know. In any event, Josh says he’d like to talk about Raj Mahal, who he retired last month at Revenge. He says he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Josh reminds us that the last couple of Christmas Chaos events have been particularly memorable for him.

Before Josh can continue music hits. Out comes John Striker. The Frat boys are scrambling in the ring now clearly unsettled by this turn of events. Striker circles the ring and climbs through the ropes. Josh says that it’s the Grinch who ate Christmas—Oh, I can’t see that being a good thing.

Striker grabs the microphone and says that he’s tired of Josh running his mouth, and that everyone knows he didn’t really beat Raj on his own. Josh asks if everyone would like to see a Josh vs Striker match tonight, and not surprisingly, they respond with a resounding yes. Josh says too bad, instead it will be Josh vs Chip Chambers.

Match 3 - Chip Chambers vs John Striker

Impromptu match. As Josh and Dale high tail it out of the ring, Chambers stands in utter disbelief as to what has transpired. While Striker waits for Chambers to turn around, Chambers continues staring at his “friends” on the outside. Striker takes the opportunity to peel off Chambers pants. He follows that up by throwing Chambers across the ring into the corner.

The ref tries to get between them. Chambers takes the opportunity to gauge Striker in the eye. That just seems to anger Striker. Off the ropes goes Chambers and Striker misses a clothesline. Chambers turns and strikes Striker once, and then twice. No effect.

While Dangles argues with a fan outside threatening to “physically strike them in public”, back in the ring Striker goes for his finisher. Chambers is able to chop his way out. Chambers is back to his feet and clotheslines Striker in the back of the head. He tries for a pin but only gets a one count.

Chambers has him down on the mat but Striker powers his way to his feet with Chambers draped across his back. Chip punches his way out again. Chambers hits the ropes and tries to knock Striker down with a shoulder tackle, but he ultimately is the one who hits the mat. He tries it a second time with similar results.

Josh yells to his cohort “Chip don’t do that anymore!” Chambers ignores the advice and pays the price when Striker catches Chambers coming off ropes and throws him down. Striker sends Chambers into the ropes again, and he runs to tackle him from the side knocking him down.

One last shoulder tackle by Striker on Chambers, and he is in prime position for Striker to hit his finisher. Striker lies and waits. At just the right time, he takes him up to shoulders and nails him with an F-5. He follows it up with a pin and it’s over.

Striker holds the ropes open inviting the other two Frat guys into the ring but neither one wants any part of Striker. Dangles carries Chambers to the back while Striker circles the ring celebrating with the fans

XWA superstar Wesley Pipes
XWA superstar Wesley Pipes


We go to the back and JD is interviewing Wesley Pipes and Jonny Versace. Pipes is highlighting how James Steele turned him back on him (Pipes has a selective memory as it was in fact Pipes who turned on Steele), so he broke his neck. He says that he hopes social assistance will pay for his funeral costs.

Versace goes on to elaborate that he has a problem with Julius Fantana. Fantana makes him sick to his stomach. As an athlete and as a wrestler, Versace respects him. But as a person, and as a man (or boy, whatever the case) he has zero respect.

Versace thinks the fact that Fantana has to wear a mask is repulsive. Versace says that there is no way he would cover up his own beautiful face. In a parting shot, he suggests it’s only a matter of time before he is sporting that XWA Elite Championship belt around his waist.

Match 4 - Julius Fantana & James Steele vs Wesley Pipes and Jonny Versace

Out first, is the “muscle beach muscle beast” in his trademark red flowing cape. Pipes is flexing as he makes his way into the ring. Versace’s music plays and he is out next. He goes so far as to head into the bleachers to flaunt his awesomeness to the fans.

And their opponents—Back to the screen we go.

Steele and Versace are now with JD. James Steele speaks first and says that months ago Pipes left him bloody and beaten. Tonight Christmas comes early for Fantana and Steele because he finally gets Pipes in the ring. He closes by saying he can’t wait to kick his teeth down his throat.

XWA superstar Julius Fantana
XWA superstar Julius Fantana

Steele is out with his valet. Crowd really pops for them both, especially the local boy hailing from Moncton. Fantana is out with his glowsticks, seemingly a little more subdued tonight than usual.

Steele clearly wants Pipes to start but I don’t think we’re going to see that right out of the gates. Sure enough, Versace comes in and the “greaseball” chants begin almost immediately.

Collar and elbow tie up and Steele powers Versace into the corner. Versace claims hair pull, although, clearly no such thing occurred. They lockup again and Versace takes Steele down with an arm drag. Next lockup Steele returns the favour.

Versace takes Steele down again with a drop toe hold, right on his face. Once again, after another lockup Steele takes him down with the exact same move. Fantana finally tags in. Versace is still down but holding onto the ropes. Fantana grabs his legs and pulls him up in the air breaking Versace’s hold of the rope, and crashing down on the mat back first with a thud.

Versace tags out and it’s Fantana and Pipes now.  Fantana ducks an attempted collar and elbow tie up twice. Pipes gets Fantana up in military press. He attempts to drop him on the mat. Fantana lands on his feet and quickly pulls him down, rolls him up, and gets a one count.

Steele tags in quickly, and when Pipes sees Steele in the ring he drops and rolls outside. Steele is patiently waiting in the centre of the ring.

Fantana tags in, and so does Pipes. Pipes is standing with his back to his partner. Pipes tags Versace behind his back .The ref sees this but Fantana does not. This allows the bad guys to bait Fantana into a vulnerable position and beat him down to the mat.

XWA superstar James Steele
XWA superstar James Steele

Before you know it everyone is in the ring. Flurry of offense with Fantana delivering back-to-back hurricanranas to Pipes and Versace, and both are sent out to the floor.

When order is restored, it’s Versace and Fantana in the ring. They get face-to-face and talk smack to each other. Versace slaps Fantana. Fantana chases him to the corner where he tags Pipes back in.

Again, the ref sees the tag but Fantana is unaware, and he pays the price. Pipes clobbers him from behind, then gets him in an arm bar. Fantana is able to work his way out, but before he knows it, up he goes in a military press again. This time he does get dropped face first on the mat.

Pin attempt by Pipes for a two count. Fantana strikes back with punches. Pipes works Fantana into the opposition corner. Versace is back in and lays the boots to him, stomping a mudhole in the corner.

Versace picks him up and delivers a quick rolling neckbreaker for a two count. Versace keeps his knee on Fantana’s throat while making the tag. There’s a whole lot of choking going on, and it’s in part due to Steele’s having tried to run in to help his partner before being cut off by the referee. Pipes is now in and he keeps choking Fantana.

Face first suplex by Pipes on Fantana. Steele is doing his best to cheer on his partner, and tries to chant and get the crowd back in this one. Cocky pin by Pipes on Fantana gets two. Pipes is choking him across the top rope. Versace flings him back off the ropes to Pipes. Pipes hooks the leg for pin and gets a two count.

Fantana is in the corner and tries to punch his way out, but Pipes takes him back down. Pipes takes Fantana up and drops him into shoulder breaker followed by a two count pin attempt. Tag and Versace is in.

Quick rollup by Fantana gets two. Fantana runs and tries to climb over Versace to get a tag to Steele, but Versace catches him on his shoulder and carries him back to the bad guys corner. Fallaway slam by Versace after tagging in Pipes.

Pipes gets a two count on Fantana. Steele is again getting a Fantana chant going. Pipes delivers an inverted atomic drop to Fantana followed by a stiff clothesline from Versace (a la The Hart Foundation’s ”hart attack”).

After some pacing around by Versace, Fantana catches him napping and rolls him up for a pin. Versace was very quick in his thinking, because before he went over onto his back he was able to get a tag off to Pipes.

Pipes comes in (legally) and breaks up the count. Pipes takes the opportunity to knock Steele off the apron as well. Versace slingshots Fantana into corner (as he’s finally getting ready to leave the ring), where Pipes takes the opportunity to kick Fantana in the face

Another tag and Versace is back in with Fantana. Fantana has been in for at least 10 minutes straight it seems. Versace has Fantana down trying to choke him out. Fantana is able to work Versace over (sliding on the mat) to get a tag to Steele, but wouldn’t you know it. The ref did not see it.

That has got to let the air out of the sails of Fantana. Steele had entered the ring and was in the midst of taking Versace down, but the ref tells him to get back out having not seen the legitimate tag.

XWA superstar General Duce
XWA superstar General Duce

Pipes is in with Fantana now cinching in another choke. Out of nowhere, Pipes decides to spit at Steele’s valet. Whatever possessed him?

Either way, it got Steele’s attention. The big man Pipes looks like he has been shot out of a cannon, as he heads for the back. Steele is in hot pursuit. Versace and Fantana are effectively left in the ring to finish the match.

Fantana is trying to get to get back up to his feet after enduring a prolonged beating from the team of Pipes and Versace. Versace runs at Fantana in the corner and misses. Fantana kicks Versace in the head, and Versace is down draped across the second rope.

You know what’s next. Fantana hits 506, then calls for his 450 splash. Versace thinks quick on his feet and shoves the ref into the ropes knocking Fantana onto the top rope (one leg on either side—ouch). Versace picks him up and nails him with a brainbuster. That’s all, as Versace gets the pinfall victory for his team.

Segment four – Zane Valentine delivers the package

Back up to the screen and we’re treated to another Zane Valentine video, this time showing him at Nelson Hum’s offices with his “sample”. He and Hum talk briefly and Valentine asks Hum if he has his ticket. Hum asks “ticket for what?” Valentine (as he flexes his biceps), says “for the gun show”—Groan.

Match 5 - Shaheer Rasool vs General Duce

XWA superstar Shaheer Rasool's manager The Sheik
XWA superstar Shaheer Rasool's manager The Sheik

We’re into the semi-main event portion of the event where fan favourite General Duce from Gagetown will be going one on one with Shaheer Rasool.

Rasool comes to the ring first with his manager, the Sheik. Sheik calls for a microphone. Sheik says that once again the infidels have proved who the terrorists really are. It’s the Canadians and Americans. Tonight he wants a moment of silence for the Libyan leader Gaddafi. Very fittingly and on queue, the fans rain down boos—Sheik says that it’s time to bring some justice, and tonight it starts with General Duce.

Duce’s music plays and he is out with some mini Canadian flags to hand to the kids. Duce is up to the apron and through the ropes. Meanwhile, Sheik takes the opportunity to argue with the kids. Santa is watching Sheik.

Duce is up to the corners to pose for fans. Sheik is yelling at Duce. Duce reminds the fans that he has something for the Sheik. I wonder what it could be—Socks? Out of nowhere, the fans begin singing the Canadian national anthem.

I gotta say, I’m a bit touched. Steve Doussaud is the referee in charge for this one, and he pulls double duty by conducting the fans as they sing. Sheik looks like he’s had enough, and decides to take Rasool and leave. Ultimately he changes his mind, and they return to the ring. It’s time to get down to business,

Rasool and Duce lock up to begin, and work to the corner before breaking. They attempt to lock up again but Rasool ducks and runs for the corner to retrieve his flag. Duce catches up to him and beats him back down to the mat like a government mule.

Rasool tries to get back to his feet and reverse his fortunes. Duce takes him and throws him off the ropes but Rasool grabs the top rope to stop himself. Duce runs at him, and clotheslines him over the top rope anyway sending him crashing down to the mat.

Duce eventually decides that he’s going to go out after Rasool. Duce begins to chase Rasool around the ring. Out of nowhere Sheik nails Duce sending him to the ground. Sheik had been hiding beside the ring steps. Rat. Rasool returns to pick Duce up and rolls him back into the ring. Rasool gets Duce into a seated position on the mat and proceeds to drop multiple vicious elbows to his head.

Sheik begins to yell at Duce to get the flag. But Rasool seems to be too focused on Duce. Are we even sure this guy speaks English? Rasool charges Duce who is back up on his feet and leaning in the corner but Duce moves.

Rasool continues running right up the corner (it just so happens to be the corner where the Iraqi flag is hanging). Duce has the presence of mind to quickly knock him down so that he falls straddling the top ropes.

Duce heads to his own corner and makes good progress up the ropes. He’s close to reaching his pole, but Rasool recovers in time to run across, leap up the ropes, and deliver some stiff forearms to the back. To stop his progress.

Once they’re both back on the mat, Rasool sends Duce into the ropes and catches him with a spinning leg kick on the jaw, taking him off his feet. Rasool takes a moment to point at his flag and say something inaudible, perhaps in a foreign tongue.

Rasool finally begins to climb the ropes again. Duce is able to knock him out to the floor preventing him from reaching his prize. Sheik picks him up and rolls him back in the ring. Duce wastes no time and sends him right back out to the floor

Duce heads outside as well and decides to deliver on his earlier threat to the Sheik. He starts beating on the Sheik, eventually slamming his head off the steel post.

Duce pulls off the headdress the Sheik was wearing and proceeds to tie him up in the corner. This certainly changes the dynamic in a big way.

Sheik is going wild yelling at the ref. I don’t think he’s happy about this turn of events. In the meantime, Rasool is finally back up to his feet and jumps Duce from behind. They both make their way back into the ring, and it doesn’t take long before Duce regains the upper hand. He is starting to build momentum. He hits the ropes and nails Rasool with a flying forearm.

Rasool is staggering now and receives more lefts by Duce. Duce sends Rasool into the ropes and takes him down again. Meanwhile, the Sheik is still going ballistic in the corner having been rendered all but useless.

Duce decides it is time to finally go for the flag. He’s worn down a bit now so he’s not climbing the corner near as fast as he was earlier.

Rasool is able to get back to his feet. He jumps up from behind and double chops him in the back. Another forearm to the back stops him in his tracks. Duce is slumped to the ground and sitting in the corner. Rasool heads across the ring, and runs at Duce nailing him with a huge knee to the head.

XWA superstar Dazzling Dick Durning
XWA superstar Dazzling Dick Durning

He isn’t through though, as he nails him again with another knee. Then twists his hip directly into Duce’s face. That may leave a mark. Rasool is wasting a lot of time wandering aimlessly around the ring.

Sheik is yelling to Rasool to get the flag, but he just keeps strolling around. Finally he heads back up for the flag. He’s almost there, but Duce is back over to stop him. He slips neatly up around and gets Rasool onto his shoulders for what looks like an electric chair driver.

Both guys are back down on the floor again. I can sense that we’re closing in on the finish as both guys look like they’re about to pull any trick out of the bag to win. Duce is up first and starts climbing up the corner to the Canadian flag.

But Rasool isn’t about to go down without a fight. He delivers a fall-away slam to Duce off the second rope. Sheik is jumping up and down like a Dallas cheerleader, as he must think it’s in the bag now.

Duce tries to deliver some sort of offensive move, but Rasool blocks it and hits a forward Russian legsweep.

Both guys are struggling to get to their feet, and each now appears ready to abandon trying to block their opponent and focus on just getting their own flag. They’re struggling to climb the ropes, and Duce looks like he’s falling behind.

Rasool appears to have a bit extra left in the tank, and then it happens—We have a winner. The competitor who reached their flag first is—Rasool. The crowd is furious!

Rasool wastes little time heading over to attack Duce with the flag. He’s choking the life out of him right there in the very ring. Duce can’t do anything to fight back, and eventually goes limp.

The Sheik has finally been freed up, and is savoring the moment in the face of the fans. Sheik and Rasool are hugging each other like brothers separated at birth and reunited 30 years later.

In a last act of defiance, Sheik drapes the Iraqi flag across Duce in the middle of the ring. If that isn’t sending a message, I don’t know what is. And our Canadian hero, has fallen at the hands of the Sheik and Shaheer Rasool.

Match 6 - Dazzling Dick Durning vs KI Real

We’ve reached the point in the night for our main event.

The challenger, KI Real is out first. The crowd still clearly isn’t happy with him after the clip shown earlier (and on the heels of the attack from behind last month near the end of the show).

Next out with the XWA Heavyweight Championship belt is Dazzling Dick Durning. As a result of the attack earlier in the day, he’s got his leg heavily wrapped.

We’ll see in short order whether that is going to have in impact on his ability to compete. The champ will no doubt push through the pain, and try his best but the question remains: will the injury limit his mobility to the point where Real will be able to pull off a win?

Before Durning even makes it into the ring, Real takes him down with a knee to the head. Real is putting the boots to him something fierce. He’s come tonight looking to fight.

Real wastes no time before he starts to focus on the leg. He pulls Dick over to the steel steps and stamps on the leg repeatedly. Dick is howling in pain. Real lifts the skirt of the ring and finds a steel chair.

Real wails away on Dick’s leg with the chair, over and over and over. Dick is writhing in pain, and this is not looking good for the champ. Real continues the assault on his leg and finally (perhaps because he’s tiring of swinging that chair) he sets it down and throws Dick into the ring.

He wraps Dick’s legs around the post and (standing outside) Real slams Dick’s leg into the post once, twice, and three times.

Real is giving it to some of the fans and seems to have touched a nerve. Real finally heads into the ring, and I think it’s at this point that the bell actually rings and we’re officially underway.

Real charges at Dick and keeps focusing on the leg. It’s pretty clear that Real is going to stick to working that leg and wearing Dick down until he breaks him.

Eventually Dick musters up enough strength to kick Real up and over the ropes to the floor. If nothing else, buying him a little time to recover. Dick finally makes his way to his feet as Real climbs back through the ropes.

Real kicks at the leg of Durning, which takes him back down to the mat. Real pulls him away from the ropes and drops him knee first on the mat.

Dick eventually is able to reverse is fortunes, and gets Real down on the mat and proceeds to start pounding on him. He’s dropping punches to Real and they are starting to have an effect. He even reaches out to grab Mr. Wallace, and he pulls him up to the apron.

He’s got a hold of him and looks like he’s about to punch him. Real takes the opportunity to bounce off the ropes across the ring and is charging with a high knee. Before he is able to strike Dick in the back, Dick moves out of the way and Real clobbers Mr. Wallace. Wallace is down to the floor outside and he may well be out of commission for some time.

Dick instinctly heads up to the corner about to execute some high risk maneuver when it looks like his leg gives out and he comes tumbling down to the mat.

Real pounces and grabs on to Dick locking him into the figure four leglock. And he cinches it in and cranks with everything he’s got. He holds him in the leglock for what seems like an eternity. But Dick will not give up.

The move is finally broken and Dick looks exhausted. The leglock appears to have worn out Real a bit as well. Out of nowhere, Durning delivers a codebreaker to Real.

This takes down Real but in the process aggravates the damaged knee of Dick so he’s also down on his back as well.

They eventually both get to their knees at about the same time, and trade blows back and forth. Eventually Real gains the upper hand. Real attempts his Reality Check finisher but Durning is able to block the move by holding onto the ropes.

Real attempts another power move, but Dick is able to counter into his baby killer piledriver which bounces both wrestlers at least a foot off the mat. It’s academic now as Dick rolls over for the pin. Ref counts it and it’s over folks, the champ retains.

Dick is getting to his feet but clearly feeling the effects of prolonged abuse to that leg. Out comes Dangles and Chambers and they’re circling the ring. While Dangles tries to distract Dick, Chambers sneaks into the ring from behind and hits Dick with the rough ryder.

Chambers is now yelling to the back for Josh to come out and cash in. Josh eventually comes out in his Spiderman hoodie and appears to be debating whether to cash in that Roll The Dice briefcase (containing the contract granting him a title shot anytime, anywhere, and for any XWA championship belt).

Meanwhile, Dick has gotten back up to his feet and delivers a final baby killer piledriver to Chambers. This sends him bounding across the ring, and rolling out of the ring to the floor.

Dick is back to his feet again mocking Josh’s hoodie and watches the Frat retreat to the back. Looks like no one is cashing in after all.

Biggest Pops Of Night

1. General Duce arrives to take on Shaheer Rasool in the flag on a pole match

2. Wave Riders successfully defend their XWA Tag Team Champion belts

3. Dazzling Dick Durning delivers his finisher for the win against KI Real

Biggest Boos Of Night

1. Shaheer Rasool wins the flag on a pole match

2. Wesley Pipes gives a “wet one” to James Steele’s valet

3. Sheik sneak attacks General Duce

Highlight of Night

1. Wave Riders hit back to back moves from the turnbuckles to win their match against the Renegades

Surprise of Night

1. Sunny Warcloud scores a big pinfall victory over Ryan Heath

The next show is Addicted which will once again come to you from Samuel de Champlain in 2012 on January 7th,. Doors open at 7pm, bell time is 7:30. See you next time!

XWA is Canada's premier independent wrestling promotion based out of Saint John New Brunswick Canada. More information on the promotion including recaps of past events as well as information on upcoming events can be found on their website located at:



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