Kane To Turn Face? A Feud With Orton Possibly On The Cards?

Ste EccCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2008

Last night on RAW, we saw Kelly Kelly berating her "mystery lover" about not returning her calls and how she thought their night together was special. She also pointed out how she'd lied to Kane to protect him. The surprise, which I don't think anyone saw coming, was that when the camera panned across, the man she was berating was Randy Orton! 

Obviously this is kayfabe as Orton has a wife and young child, and if he had slept with Kelly they'd hardly have made him broadcast it on live TV. He did as heels do best, of course, and completely blew her off, telling her he used her and that he didn't need any distractions while he goes for the title.

Later on RAW Orton failed in his bid to become the number one contender to the World Heavyweight title, leaving him wide open to another rivalry.

Clearly, he will continue on the Legacy storyline, but I'm wondering if, hopefully, this is going to turn into a really good storyline with Kane. Kane definitely seemed angry with the Miz when he thought that Miz was Kelly's lover, so I can only assume he's going to be equally irritated with Orton.

Surely, this can only lead to the rejected Kelly Kelly turning to Kane to defend her honour. In the process Kane turns face as he helps out one of the most popular (and in my opinion, by far the hottest!) Divas against the best heel currently in the WWE, and his new stable Legacy.

Hopefully, this will also help raise Kane's profile back up to the way it used to be, as he's become something of a jobber now. The man who was once called "The Big Red Machine" could easily step back into the limelight with a big rivarly and perhaps a couple of massive wins over Orton and Legacy.

Perhaps this can lead to a title shot against Cena at No Way Out. (There is more chance of me growing wings and flying to the moon than there is of JBL taking the title at Rumble, even if he gets HBK to help him. This also hinges on Cena staying healthy as well.)

What are your thoughts on where the WWE is going with the angle between Kane, Kelly Kelly, and now Orton?