Eric Manigini, Romeo Crennel, and Rod Marinelli on the Unemployment List!

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IDecember 29, 2008

By Derek Lofland

Three head coaches lost their job on Monday with more possibly to follow. These are the three that we know of at the moment.


Rod Marinelli (Lions)

This wasn’t a very big surprise. Since starting the 2007 season 6-2, Marinelli went 1-23 in his last 24 games, including the first 0-16 season in NFL history. You cannot put up numbers like that and expect to keep your job. Players play and win games, but coaches can’t keep jobs going 1-23.

What was more surprising is that Tom Leward was promoted to team president and Martin Mayhew was promoted to General Manager. How can anyone get a promotion on a 0-16 team...That was with the team the entire year?

If I were the owner, I wouldn’t promote the secretary to administrative assistant, much less promote key people to those positions. It’s just another example of why the Lions are the Lions.


Romeo Crennel (Browns)

The good news for Romeo is that his GM did not escape responsibility either. Both head coach Romeo Crennel and GM Phil Savage were let go. This was also an expected move.

The Browns were 24-40 in Crennel’s four years with the club. Ten of those 24 wins were in 2007. This was a team that had success in 2007, was returning multiple Pro Bowlers, and was active in free agency. Not only did they crash to 4-12, but also they severely underachieved.

The offense, which dominated the NFL in 2007, was among the worst in the NFL. Once Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson were lost for the season, the team failed to score an offensive touchdown in its last six games while being outscored 129-31.

You could argue that if the Browns and Lions played today, the 0-16 Lions would be favored. That screams regime change.


Eric Mangini (Jets)

This is the most surprising of the three firings...

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