Miami (OH) Football Video: Watch Hilarious Mix of Dancing Equipment Manager

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2011

While Miami of Ohio is not known for its illustrious football program, they are becoming well known for their dancing equipment manager, Chad Stylez.

Yes, it’s very sad the RedHawks only went 4-8 this season, but how could a team be sad when a member of their team is this happy on a daily basis?

This Stylez kid has the moves to kill. From the moonwalk to the spin-a-roni, this equipment manager has more style and soul than most people on this earth.

This is a compilation video over several days or even weeks, but the fact this kid can’t control himself means this could be happening at any point on the Ohio campus. Even right this second.

Many scrooges will say this kid is there to do a job and should act professionally. To that, I say, "Get over it!"

Every person in this video looks like they smile ear-to-ear when they see Stylez dancing around and in one instance, another member of the staff actually square dances for a moment with Stylez.

That’s called building team chemistry. I can’t go to battle next to another person unless I have do-si-do’d with them at least once.

That’s a rule to live your life by.

While the music in the video is not what he was dancing to, the report is that there was music playing and that Stylez isn't just insane. We are still waiting for confirmation on the latter.

The message I got from this video was to just have fun at anything and everything you do. I want to moonwalk until the day I die.


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