WWE TLC 2011: 5 Reasons Gimmick PPVs Make Wrestling Great

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 14, 2011

WWE TLC 2011: 5 Reasons Gimmick PPVs Make Wrestling Great

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    With the annual TLC Pay-Per-View just days away, the WWE universe is preparing for one of the best shows that the WWE will put on all year.

    The WWE started doing more gimmick PPVs recently and the result has been nothing but success for the company. Fans simply love them.

    One of the biggest reasons fans love the gimmick PPVs so much is because of the change of pace. The WWE can be very repetitive, so infusing new ideas into shows is something fans yearn for.

    The following slideshow will show you why the fans love gimmick PPVs so much and why the WWE uses them. Enjoy!


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Keeps the WWE Interesting With So Many PPVs

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    In 2011, the WWE has hosted or will host 13 PPV events. That is flat out too many.

    In a time where WWE is far more worried about making money, they will squeeze out every possible drop of cash they can. That means putting PPV after PPV on the air.

    If it wasn’t for gimmick PPVs like Money in the Bank and TLC, fans would stop being interested in the matches. The gimmicks are the only reason people tune in half the time.

Gimmick Matches Make Stars

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    While the TLC matches aren’t for everyone, there are stars in the WWE that haven’t received the proper push that could excel at specialty matches. It’s called trial and error.

    Who knew that Kane was actually really good in ladder matches unless the WWE took the risk of actually including him in the Money in the Bank series?

    Still don’t believe me, just ask Mick Foley what the impact of one match can have on the fans perception of a star. Hell in a Cell anyone?

Gimmick PPVs Sell Themselves

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    The WWE has done very little promotion for this TLC PPV. If you don’t believe me that they know this show will sell itself, they let David Otunga speak during the promo for the show.

    There are thousands and thousands of hardcore wrestling fans that love the gimmicks and wouldn’t miss these shows even more than bigger PPVs like Survivor Series.

    With no more ECW or hardcore federation at the forefront of our wrestling lexicon, these gimmick PPVs are a way for the primal beast inside all of the true ECW fans to get a taste of what they have missed for so long.

These PPVs Expose Fans to Different Matches

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    Many mainstream WWE fans don’t remember the time of WCW or ECW, so they don’t remember when great wrestling ruled the earth.

    These gimmick PPVs open up fans not old enough to remember the first Hell in a Cell to the experience of a lifetime. Imagine the Money in the Bank ladder matches they could have had when we were kids. Epic.

    With certain fan favorite matches like Elimination Chamber being too hard to do in a one-off sense, the WWE made the right move and dedicate a whole PPV to the gimmicks they knew worked.

Gives Lame or Dying Feuds New Life

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    When it comes to the WWE, they are world renowned for their ability to drag a feud on too long or completely miss the boat with who should be feuding in the first place.

    That’s where gimmick PPVs come in and save Vince McMahon’s neck every time. Instead of letting the Big Show and Mark Henry bore us in a standard match, the WWE will give this train wreck the stipulation of being a chair match.

    Now all the matches and feuds that the fans never got behind of fell out of love with can be fought in a way that will make them interesting again to the fans.

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