The Young and the Restless: Fireside Chats Episode 1- Brett Favre's Career

Joe WillettSenior Writer IDecember 29, 2008

I was talking to a friend on Facebook when I had the idea to post our conversation as an article.  Instead of going through and fixing the bad typos, I made it coherent and posted it for all to see, here is my thoughts on the Brett Favre saga along with a Packer fan's ideas.

1:08am John

Couldn't retrieve chat history

a legend gets outplayed by the man he replaced


by a dude that can't throw a ball five yards

1:08am John

exactly but dont insult favre compliment his abilities

1:08am Joe

he's no longer a cold weather qb either

1:08 John

and talk about calling it quits

1:08am Joe

last year nfc championship

1:08am John

in a respectful way yeah man hes too old

1:09am Joe

this year seahawks f** him up

1:10am John


1:10am Joe

all in cold wearther they gotta drop that label for him

1:17am John
why doesnt anyone talk about the chad thing and Favre
1:18am Joe

they do

1:18am John

i havent heard it once

1:18am Joe

i was listening to sports radio and they were saying that they screwed over john madden with the flex game they should have picked the jets-dolphins for two reasons favre's likely last game, and madden just loves favre and two madden's car was already parked at the meadowlands, he wouldn't even have to leave

1:19am John

haha.  hes scared of flying

1:19am Joe

c, instead he had to go cross-country


lol, thats hilarious, big fat oaf

1:19am Joe

i love when madden had to take a week off for fatigue he has a week to get somewhere where he will stand for three hours and then begin the trek to the next stadium i'm pretty sure he doesn't even research the teams anymore, he just shows up, tells old stories, and says BOOM and draws penises on the yellow drawing thingy

1:22am John


1:22am Joe

watch the video, it makes the thing i just said make sense and not seem wierd

1:22am John


1:22am Joe

he draws an effing penis

1:23am John


1:26am Joe brett favre

1:27am John

lol seen that or dude you can talk about looking back on favres season and comparing his body language he looked totally miserable i have NEVER seen Favre sit on the bench

1:27am Joe


1:27am John

in a packer uniform and he was ALWAYS on the bench


at the end of the season, he was completely done

1:27am John

by himself

1:27am Joe

he had nothing left i would be shocked if he came back for another season

Brett Favre says, "You got any left handed footballs?" great "i was chinged up"

1:28am John

lol, it was obvious that he regretted leaving the packers but he definitely not bout to back down to the organization

1:30am Joe

he wasn't slouching cuz he regretted leaving the packers, he was slouching because he was exhausted, he didn't have a full season left in him and it was obvious, it wasn't the packers, it was the football

1:30am John

well he didnt seem like he was at home at all

1:30am Joe

he was fine at the beginning of the season, he was having fun and being brett favre the first few games they held him back, but around the middle of the season he was normal favre then at the end, he just didn't have anything left

1:31am John

true i hope he retires takes the packers offer the 25 million dollars to make a few appearances

1:32am Joe

he's just gonna retire and be done

1:32am John

for the packers he would be stupid not to take the deal Green bay still worships him and

1:33am Joe

r u talkin bout the deal to not play the packers offfered him?

1:32am John

he makes a ton of money being retired nooo the whole offseason deal when he retires to have like basically official favre merch

1:33am Joe

well, he'll def retire this season


and to have him make appearances to the pro shop, games fundraisers etc. just to keep the everyone interested


iono i think he just wants to be done with football now


yeah dude write about this stuff as long as ur not Tony Kornheiser and dont talk about it 24/7 its entertaining cuz he dangles the idea of retirement every year or at least he has for the past 4


think about it, you go through a whole saga trying to prove to an organization that you still have a year left in you, then it turns out you don't have a year left in you and you get embarassed at the end of the year, you don't want to stay around for more


yeah but he owes it to the packer fans we didnt do anything wrong

I'm Joe W., that was John G.