LeBron James vs. the World: What If King James Played Every Other Sport?

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LeBron James vs. the World: What If King James Played Every Other Sport?
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

There are many reasons to be grateful the NBA will be back by Christmas. Fans get their game back, players get their paychecks back and Stephen A. Smith will finally go back to screaming about basketball (something he knows about) instead of football (something he doesn't). 

The best thing about the NBA lockout ending is that LeBron James can go back to playing basketball. No more tweeting to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll about the free agency period. No more flag football games and end zone celebrations. And no more idiotic and banal discussion by the media about LeBron being able to play anything that isn't basketball. 

Beyond an exaggerated eye roll, I've never once engaged anyone in this absurd discussion, mostly because it's dumb. Love him or hate him, LeBron is one of the biggest talents the game of basketball has ever seen. Plus, it's made him rich as hell. Why would he ever leave for another sport?

He wouldn't. Period. But for argument's sake, let's consider what it might look like if he actually did. Because let's face it, no matter how well he performed, people would watch.

Let's see how he stacks up against the best (and worst) at various positions in sports that aren't basketball...just for "fun."  

And then let's never have this conversation ever again. 

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