UFC News: Mark Munoz Says 99 Percent of What Media Sees Isn't Real Chael Sonnen

John HeinisSenior Analyst IDecember 13, 2011

In a recent interview with the Score's Arda Ocal, UFC middleweight contender Mark Munoz talked about his title eliminator bout at UFC on FOX 2 with arguably the fight game's most polarizing figure: Chael Sonnen. 

"Chael (Sonnen) is a good guy. We're managed by the same manager...the same management team, so we're actually real cordial...with one another," Munoz said about his next opponent in the Octagon. 

Ocal, recognizing the real life friendship between Munoz and Sonnen, asked "The Filipino Wrecking Machine."

"If you have this knowledge of Chael Sonnen, what percentage of him talking to the media is him selling the fight, and what percentage is the real Chael Sonnen?" 

"Uh..about 99 percent," Munoz said with a smile, "is (Sonnen) selling the fight." 

Will the relationship between Sonnen and Munoz outside the cage affect what happens inside the Octagon? Munoz certainly doesn't think so. 

"I grew up in the sport of wrestling, so we wrestled our friends all the time," Munoz recalled. "We competed against our friend all the time...so I'm just gonna leave it at that."

"It's just business and we can be friends afterwards," Munoz said. "The winner buys dinner afterwards."

When asked if he liked the match up, given that he is one of the few professional fighters today with college wrestling credentials superior to Uncle Chael, Munoz kept his answer vague. 

"You know, it's gonna be a tough fight. No matter how much you slice it. I know Chael's gonna bring it, I'm gonna bring it too, and the best man is gonna win." 

Munoz also discusses other topics such as the importance of fighters getting sponsored, fighting on the FOX network and the mental aspect of fighting. 

The winner of the Jan. 28 title eliminator is expected to take on reigning middleweight champion Anderson Silva in either May or June of 2012.