IMPACT Wrestling: Cast Your Votes for the 2011 IMPACT Awards

Charlie GSenior Writer IDecember 14, 2011

This is the first annual IMPACT Awards.

All of the best matches, wrestlers and the biggest moments of 2011 will be voted upon by you, the fans. Us fans can finally cast our votes for what we thought were the best moments in TNA for the year of 2011.

We decide the greatest wrestlers and moments of the year.

Voting will go on until December 25.

*Please copy and paste the ballot into the comment section and work from there. Make it easier on yourself. Ballots are right here:


Best Mask: 

Least Memorable Wrestler:

Biggest Upset:

Most Impressive Debut: 

Most Shocking Return: 

Worst Gimmick:

Best Announcer:

Best Non-Wrestling Personality:

Most Embarrassing Moment: 

Most Improved Wrestler: 

Worst Release:

Best Guest Appearance:

Worst Injury:

Fail of the Year: 

Feud of the Year:

Most Misused Knockout:

Most Misused X Division Talent:

Most Misused Main Event Talent:

Most Surprising Turn of the Year:

Best Theme Song:

Best Finishing Move:

Most Extreme Moment:

Knockout of the Year:

X Division Wrestler of the Year:

Tag Team of the Year:

Face of the Year:

Heel of the Year:

Pay-per-view of the Year:

Match of the Year:



Without further ado, I present the 2011 IMPACT Awards.


Best Mask

This is more of a warm-up question. Answer this and move onto the real deal. This award will be for the wrestler that had the best mask in 2011.

- Shark Boy

- Curry Man

- Suicide

- Sangriento


Least Memorable Wrestler

- Murphy

- Tommy Dreamer

- Okada

- Orlando Jordan


Upset of the Year

- Gunner defeats Sting

- Eric Young defeats Mr. Anderson

- Garett Bischoff defeats Gunner

- Brian Kendrick defeats Abyss


Most Impressive Debut

- Matt Hardy (Genesis)

- Rosita (IMPACT)

- Mark Haskins (Destination X)

- Zema Ion (IMPACT)


Most Shocking Return

- Sting 

- Daniels 

- Chris Harris

- Gail Kim


Worst Gimmick of the Year

- Robbie E, "The Shore"

- Brian Kendrick, "The Wizard of Odd"

- Eric Young, "Mentally Challenged"

- Okada, "Green Hornet"


Announcer of the Year

- Mike Tenay

- Taz


Best Authority Figure of the Year

- Eric Bischoff

- Karen Jarrett

- Hulk Hogan

- Sting


Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year

- Pope's tights get pulled down at Lockdown (10:18)

- Anarquia gets pants pulled off at Turning Point

- Gunner loses Television title after Finger Poke of Doom gone wrong

- Victory Road main event


Breakout Performer of the Year

- Gunner

- Bobby Roode

- James Storm

- Bully Ray


Worst Release of the Year

- Jay Lethal

- Generation Me

- Amazing Red

- Desmond Wolfe


Best Guest Appearance of the Year

- Chyna at Sacrifice

- Scott Baio via satellite

- Angelina from Jersey Shore

- Ronnie from Jersey Shore


Worst Injury of the Year

- Chris Sabin misses most of 2011

- Matt Morgan misses most of the BFG Series

- Jesse Neal misses four months

- Ric Flair misses three months


Fail of the Year

- Jeff Hardy at Victory Road

- Abyss in the X Division

- Eric Young as Television Champion

- The Sangriento character


Feud of the Year

- Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett

- Sting vs. Hulk Hogan

- Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles

- Jeff Jarrett vs. Jeff Hardy


Most Misused Knockout of the Year

- Sarita

- Angelina Love


- Tara


Most Misused X Division Wrestler of the Year

- Alex Shelley

- Zema Ion

- Anthony Nese

- Mark Haskins


Most Misused Main Event Talent of the Year

- "The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero

- Samoa Joe

- Daniels

- Matt Morgan


Most Surprising Turn of the Year

- Fortune turns on Immortal

- Hogan turns on Immortal

- Daniels turns on AJ

- Roode turns on Storm


Theme Song of the Year

- "Resurrected," Jeff Hardy

- "Sleeping Giant," Matt Morgan

- "Fortune 4," Fortune

- "Not a Stranger to the Danger," Crimson


Best Finishing Move of the Year

- Styles Clash (AJ Styles)

- Money Maker (Kid Kash)

- Muscle Buster (Samoa Joe)

- Rolling Chaos (Douglas Williams)


Extreme Moment of the Year

- Daniels leap of faith

- Angle's cage dive

- AJ in the rafters

- Hardy's swanton off a cage (Final Resolution)


Knockout of the Year

- Madison Rayne

Knockouts Champion from October 2010 to April 2011. Knockouts Tag Team Champion with Gail Kim since November 3. Five championship pay-per-view matches.

- Mickie James

Two-time Knockouts Champion. First reign lasted from April to August. Second reign lasted 17 days. Nine championship pay-per-view matches. 

- Velvet Sky

One time Knockouts Champion for only 28 days. The most popular of the Knockouts.

- Winter

Two-time Knockouts Champion and one time Knockouts Tag Team Champion. 


X Division Wrestler of the Year

- Kazarian

One-time X Division Champion in 2011. Champion from January to May.

- Brian Kendrick

One-time X Division Champion from July to September

- Austin Aries

Winner of the "X Division Showcase" and contract match at Destination X. Won the X Division Championship in September and is still the current champion.

- Jesse Sorensen

Young rookie in IMPACT Wrestling. Has only had two title matches, but a good amount of TV time on IMPACT.


Tag Team of the Year

- Beer Money

Tag Team Champions from January to August. Their final reign lasted 212 days.

- Mexican America

Champions from August to November and constantly picked up wins by dirty tactics.

- Matt Morgan and Crimson

Champions since November 17.

- The Pope and Devon


Face of the Year

- Sting

- AJ Styles

- James Storm

- Jeff Hardy


Heel of the Year

- Bully Ray

- Jeff Jarrett

- Bobby Roode

- Austin Aries


Pay-Per-View of the Year

- Lockdown

- Slammiversary IX

- Destination X

- Bound For Glory


Match of the Year

- Two out of Three Falls: Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett (Lockdown)

- Austin Aries vs. Zema Ion vs. Low Ki vs. Jack Evans (Destination X)

- Last Man Standing: Bully Ray vs. AJ Styles (Slammiversary)

- 30 Minute Iron-man: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode (Final Resolution) 



- Sting 

Two-time World Heavyweight Champion. Six pay-per-view championship matches and defeated Hulk Hogan at Bound For Glory. Champion from March to June and his second reign lasted from July to August

- Mr. Anderson

Two-time World Heavyweight Champion. Neither reign lasted over 40 days. Anderson had five championship matches on pay-per-view.

- Kurt Angle

Big feud with Jeff Jarrett to start 2011. World Champion from August to October and successfully defended his title at Bound For Glory.

- Bobby Roode

TNA Tag Team Champion from January to August. Winner of the Bound For Glory Series and main evented Bound For Glory. Won the World Heavyweight Championship in early November and is still the champion.

- AJ Styles

Television Champion at the start of 2011. Had a big feud with Bully Ray and Daniels this year and had a World title match at Turning Point and Final Resolution.

- Jeff Jarrett

Big rivalry with Kurt Angle from January to June and another big feud with Jeff Hardy from October to December.

- James Storm

Tag Team Champion with Bobby Roode from January to August. One of the final four in the BFG Series and a one-time Heavyweight Champion with two clean wins over Kurt Angle.


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