What Is Wrong With Big Ten Football?

ctsports picksAnalyst IDecember 29, 2008

What is wrong with BIG TEN FOOTBALL?

Well, it seems like forever since the Big Ten had OSU and Michigan 1-2 before they played each other in 2006! Since then both powerhouses have been embarrassed against all powerhouse conferences. Let's look at their strongest teams historically


Ohio State

Well, they beat Michigan in 2006 and then get blown out by an underdog Florida team. Then they come back in 2007 and get back to the championship game to have a repeat disappointing loss to LSU. So they have back-to-back championship game losses coming into this year.

All their defense except Vernon Gholston comes back, and they go into USC and absolutely get embarrassed for a third time in less than two years! By the way, this is the strongest team in the supposedly good conference Big Ten!



Since that game in 2006, they opened 2007 losing to Appalachian St. and were banged around all year, and finished a very disappointing year by upsetting Florida! They get rid of Coach Lloyd Carr and hired Coach Rodriguez from WVU! Well, this season they are even worse and finished with a losing record, the first in like a million years!


Penn St.

Well, PSU seems to be very up and down since joining the Big Ten. Every year it's the same talk—is Joe Pa too old? Will he be able to adjust to the new game? This year PSU had a very easy schedule and will most likely get blown out just as Illinois did last year in the Rose Bowl.

This is actually a team that is on the upswing and might be able to change some of the luck of the Big Ten. But until Joe Pa moves, on the questions about their future are always going to be there!



Well, they seem to be a top 20 candidate most years but don't have the athletes to compete with the big boys in this conference or any other conference! This year they were way down and really were blown out in their bowl game against FSU.


As you can see above, the BIG TEN is headed in the wrong direction. My conference standings show them as the fifth best conference. Think you should really think twice before laying any of your hard earned money on them to win any big game.

As for this year's two big BCS games with BIG TEN members, they have no chance to win—they are playing to cover only! Good luck in bowl season. Come get all your bowl picks!