Kansas City Chiefs: 7 Reasons to Start from Scratch with QB Position

Bill Robbins@bill_kc28Correspondent IDecember 13, 2011

Kansas City Chiefs: 7 Reasons to Start from Scratch with QB Position

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    This coming offseason, the Kansas City Chiefs will have many tough decisions to make about their roster that could greatly effect their future.

    One of these decisions will be about the quarterback situation going forward.

    Right now, there are four QBs that are tied to KC's current roster and I don't expect any of them to be the QB of the future for this franchise.

    Here are seven reasons why Kansas City needs to start from scratch with the quarterback position for next season and beyond.

Tyler Palko Wouldn't Be on Many Other NFL Rosters

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    Former head coach Todd Haley made a big mistake with starting journeyman Tyler Palko the past four weeks.

    It's clear that he can't do anything in the passing game outside of short, dump-off passes and check-downs.

    He's also thrown just two touchdowns, while turning the ball over eight times in four starts.

    Considering his limited abilities as a quarterback, I don't see how he could be on any NFL team's roster, let alone the Chiefs.

Kyle Orton Is Not the Long-Term Answer

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    The Chiefs grabbed ex-Broncos QB Kyle Orton off waivers soon after they were blown out by the Patriots in week 11.

    They needed a veteran signal-caller since all they had left at QB was Palko and rookie Ricky Stanzi.

    Nearly three weeks after his signing, Orton has only managed to make one snap with his new team.

    Orton has been known to not be much of a leader throughout his career and it's unlikely that KC will re-sign him after this season is up.

Matt Cassel Is Not the Long-Term Answer

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    Kansas City has tried the Matt Cassel experiment and it simply hasn't worked out.

    After an inconsistent '09 season, Cassel made his first career Pro Bowl last season while leading his team to their first division title since 2003.

    However, he has struggled again this year, throwing nine interceptions in as many games and really never got in a rhythm with his receivers before suffering a season-ending hand injury in Week 10 against Denver.

    Cassel just doesn't possess the pocket presence, accuracy and overall skills that this organization needs at the QB position for the future.

Ricky Stanzi Is Too Much of an Unknown at This Point

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    Last April, the Chiefs selected former University of Iowa star Ricky Stanzi in the fifth round of the NFL draft.

    After starting QB Matt Cassel went down in Week 10, many thought that Stanzi would take over for the injured Cassel.

    Instead, the rookie has remained on the bench for the past four games.

    With no experience as an NFL quarterback, Stanzi is too much of a risk to be viewed as the QB of the future for KC at this point in time.

The Chiefs Don't Have a Franchise QB on Their Roster

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    When you look at the list of QBs on the Chiefs roster, you will see Matt Cassel, Kyle Orton, Tyler Palko and Ricky Stanzi.

    None of the above names scream the words "franchise quarterback."

    In order to be a franchise QB, a player is typically drafted and later developed by an organization to become a successful signal-caller for the future of that franchise.

    Stanzi is really the only player that could fit this description for the Chiefs, but if he couldn't even beat out the struggling Tyler Palko over the past month, it is unlikely that he will be the quarterback of the future for this franchise.

There Will Be Plenty of Good QBs in This Year's Draft

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    If there was any year to take a quarterback in the draft, 2012 could be one of the best to do so.

    Even though Stanford's Andrew Luck will presumably be the first overall pick, there should still be many more blue-chip QB prospects in Baylor's Robert Griffin III, USC's Matt Barkley and Oklahoma's Landry Jones.

    Of course, the Chiefs will likely have to trade up to get one of these high-profile QBs, since it's unlikely that they will have a top-10 pick.

    Still, this team clearly needs a franchise QB and if they have to trade away a pick or two to get him, then so be it.

Drafting a New QB Could Help Re-Energize the KC Fanbase

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    With KC likely headed for another losing season in '11, fans' patience with the organization has reached an all-time low.

    Chiefs fans need something to believe in and someone that they can count on to win games for them in the clutch.

    That is exactly why Kansas City needs to take a QB in the upcoming draft.

    Can you imagine what it would be like at Arrowhead with the likes of Robert Griffin III running around, making spectacular plays for this team next season?