WWE's Kane: Will the Mask Work or Be a Major Fail?

Jacob WaringAnalyst IIIDecember 13, 2011

Kane made his return on the recent Slammy edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. It was an epic return as he returned with a bang that almost rivaled his debut back in the '90s. His pyro chillingly hit the arena and Kane emerged with a wielder-like mask and chokeslammed John Cena. Kane then removed the wielder mask to reveal a mask that is similar to the one he had before his unmasking in 2003 but noticeably different.

This is a phenomenal moment many WWE fans have been breathlessly waiting for years to come. We all remember the Attitude Era version of Kane, who was a beast to see and dominated like a living monster. Glen Jacobs portrayed a gimmick that actually scared the crap out the fans and we as fans ate it up.

We're all pumped for the return of Mask Kane and our expectations are scarily high—so high to the point where it'll make the return of masked Kane ineffective. The WWE creative team might not mimic the strength of the '90s version of the masked Kane because if he loses in abnormal ways or is made to appear weak, we'll all be bitterly disappointed and furious of the failed attempt to resurrect the gimmick.

Also, there's the aspect of whether or not the gimmick will still be a success as it's been almost a decade since Kane had the mask. Will fans that never experienced Kane behind the mask respond as fans dedicated enough to still be watching the WWE after all the many downs and few ups of the last few years?

Again, if they make Kane look weak with the mask on, they'll effectively kill the mystic force that surrounds the mask to the newer fans and piss off the older fans. 

Obviously, the potential for success is very high as the older fans are already trained to believe the masked Kane is this unbeatable force. The news and iron-clad fact that the masked Kane is back will make people who've stop watching WWE programming tune in to just see how Kane with the mask again progresses.

We all will have our opinions of whether or not Kane returning with the mask will work or will simply be labeled a major fail.