WWE Monday Night RAW: Analyzing the It Begins "Control2012" Promo

Katie Gregerson@katiegregersonCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2011

Forgive me, Bleachers, for not writing an analysis of the third installment of the "It Begins" series of promos, "LookWithin2012," which, unlike all the other promos, actually was played on-air during last week's episode of Monday Night RAW.

However, this week's installment is much more intriguing, anyway.

In "Control2012," the schoolboy's prophetic words are as follows:

"As he sat upon the mount, the question arose: When shall things be, and what shall be the sign of my coming? He answered, 'When she tells us.' She holds the mystery of my arrival, of my rebirth. So when I beckon her, I will return to claim what is mine, and things shall never be the same again. On the second day of 2012, it will be the end of the world as you know it."

"Control" is the closing keyword in this week's cryptic promo. Additionally, the presence of the schoolgirl is acknowledged for the first time—and, according to the boy's words, "she" is going to play a major role in the return of this mysterious force.

There are two obvious women who the girl could represent: Stephanie McMahon and Michelle McCool. However, in my opinion, the likelihood of it being Stephanie greatly outweighs that of it being McCool.

Again, "control" is the keyword here. Whoever is returning on 1/2/12 is coming to claim what they feel is rightfully theirs, and that thing could very well be control—control of the entire WWE.

Enter Shane McMahon.

Who is currently in control of WWE? Onscreen, it's Triple H. Well, sort of.

Nevertheless, Triple H is in a position of power which places him right underneath Vinnie Mac himself. For all intents and purposes, he is Vince's heir.

Shane O'Mac can't be too pleased with that.

Furthermore, as I stated in one of my previous analyses, Stephanie was conspicuously absent during the trial and fire of her husband as COO. Could that be because she too is unhappy with Triple H's position? Could she be bringing back her brother to keep the business "in the family," so to speak?

It seems very likely, and it would certainly spice things up on RAW.

However, Shane is not the only person Stephanie could be aiding. She could very well be helping Chris Jericho, as well.

Fans who watched the WWE in the early 2000s are extremely familiar with Stephanie's alliance with Jericho against her husband Triple H over the WWE undisputed championship. Could they be joining forces against him again? And, if so, what is they want control of?

Finally, there is Michelle McCool, and there is only one man whose return she could portend: that of her real-life husband, the Undertaker.

Several readers have commented on my other articles on how they think that when 'Taker returns he will be working in tandem with McCool. However, to me this seems the least likely of the three scenarios. 'Taker is a very private person, and even though he worked onscreen with ex-wife Sara in the past, I can't quite see him doing the same with McCool.

Then again, this is the WWE we're talking about, and we should never say never.

There have been reports that the promos are purposefully ambiguously made; speculation is that they are meant to represent Jericho and Undertaker both just in case they can't get Jericho to re-sign.

However, for this enthusiastic promo detective, the forerunner is officially Shane McMahon. For now.