WWE TLC 2011 Preview: 5 Reasons Triple H-Kevin Nash Is the Worst PPV Match Ever

George SeligaCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2011

WWE TLC 2011 Preview: 5 Reasons Triple H-Kevin Nash Is the Worst PPV Match Ever

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    Triple H returns to the ring as he faces Kevin Nash at the TLC pay-per-view. This feud has been growing ever since SummerSlam. 

    Nash and Triple H used to be friends but Nash turned his back on Triple H which started this rivalry. Many people believe this will be a great match, but here are five reasons why this could be the worst pay-per-view match ever.

Old School Wrestling

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    Kevin Nash and Triple H come from an era where power and strength dominated the wrestling world. Times have changed and you need to be quick and agile as well as have strength and power to put on a good match. 

    This fight could become boring if both wrestlers try to out power each other. This match would have been great to see in the late '90s but not now.

Kevin Nash Hasn't Been Performing as Often as Triple H

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    Kevin Nash has been going in and out of wrestling for several years. He was seen earlier this year on a few TNA Impact shows and now he is on Monday Night Raw. 

    Nash usually will sneak attack an opponent but we haven't seem him wrestle on a consistent basis. He needs to shake off the rust before he wrestles Triple H or this could be a very embarrassing match for a wrestling legend.

Old Age

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    Kevin Nash is a little over 50 and Triple H isn't getting any younger. Their bodies have been battered and beaten and have taken a toll from wrestling.

    Watching Kevin Nash's first official match against Santino was entertaining until Kevin tried his signature move. It was painful to watch because Nash is not the wrestler he once was and his finisher was not as strong as it used to be.

    This match is going to be hard to watch because both wrestlers are old and a ladder match is physically demanding. They might have to lower the sledgehammer down a little more because both wrestlers might not be able to make it up the ladder.

This Isn't the Best Story line

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    WWE fans have seem this time and time again. Two close friends eventually separate because one turns his back on the other. Then a feud starts and then they go back and forth until the WWE Universe gets sick of this rivalry.

    If they really wanted to make this interesting, they should have brought Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels back and make this a tag team match. 

The Match Realy Has No Implications

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    This match is a ladder match and the first one to climb it and grab the sledgehammer wins. There is no title on the line or no one being fired.

    Normally ladder matches have something at stake but this is just a heated rivalry between two old legends. WWE should have incorporated a title or something more meaningful then Triple H's sledgehammer. It would have been great to see Triple H's COO position up for grabs.