NFL Wild-Card Weekend '09

Jimmy KimmelContributor IDecember 29, 2008

So, as the season came to a close last night around 10 pm (Lets face it everyone knew the Chargers we're going to run away with the game in the second half) I started to look at the match-ups for the wild-card weekend.

Four weeks ago, when I predicted this exact playoff scenario my friend looked at me like I lost my mind. I will admit I had the Eagles winning out, but thanks to the Raiders and Texans my picks were saved. So let's get to the games.



Atlanta Falcons vs Arizona Cardinals

Atlanta is the feel good story of the year and Matt Ryan is my Rookie of the Year.  You have to remember the Falcons were five seconds away from a No. 2 seed and a bye, but a field goal by the Panthers ended that.

Arizona left after Thanksgiving, well actually before.  But they do have great potential with a great receiving core.  I think this one is closer than most think but I'll take Atlanta, 27-21.


Philadelphia Eagles vs Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings' fans were calling for Brad Childress to be fired until he turned to Gus Frerotte. The Vikings are now back to that team and looked good down the stretch.  But a QB problem will be exploited by a Jim Johnson Defense.

What can you say about the Eagles. Well it depends on what Eagles team shows up. But momentum is everything and the Eagles have it.

Expect Hank Baskett, Kevin Curtis, and LJ Smith all to be back. Philadelphia also beat every NFC playoff team they played this season. The rest the Eagles got at the end of the Dallas game will only help. Westbrook runs wild, McNabb plays for his job, the Defense dominates, and Desean Jackson is a difference maker.

I'll take the Eagles, 34-13. The Giants should be worried because the last meeting between them and the Eagles showed a flawed New York team.

That leaves us with the Divisional round looking like this:

Falcons vs Panthers and Eagles vs Giants.



Indianapolis Colts vs San Diego Chargers

Both teams are red hot. Both teams were counted out earlier this year. Both teams have been here before. L.T. looked great as did the Chargers Defense, a dangerous combination. The Chargers don't have those pesky Patriots to deal with in the playoffs and could be the dark horse pick this year.

The Colts are the Colts, Manning is Manning, and they have looked unbeatable the past two months. That being said in my upset pick, I see the Chargers winning, 35-34, in a slug-fest.


Baltimore Ravens vs Miami Dolphins

In a game that may decide coach of the year it is the Wildcat put up against the great Ravens' defense. Both teams have a lot to prove, the Ravens won the AFC North but were robbed by a bad call. 

The Dolphins are the biggest turnaround team in NFL history. But Miami will get a reality check as they get a taste of their own medicine as Troy Smith throws a TD out of the Wildcat and Chad Pennington spends most of his game on the ground. Baltimore, 23-7.


That leaves us with the Divisional round looking like this:

Ravens vs Titans and Chargers vs Steelers.


This is looking like one of the most unpredictable playoffs in recent memory, and only time will tell what happens.