The Most Famous Gifts and Fine Jewelry in Sports

Eric NewmanCorrespondent IIIDecember 14, 2011

The Most Famous Gifts and Fine Jewelry in Sports

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    What good is a multi-million dollar salary, if you don't indulge?  

    Diamonds come in as many colors as Lucky Charm marshmallows, you have 32 teeth (unless you're a hockey player) awaiting to be gilded, there are hangars to store your private jets, marinas for your private yachts; not even the sky is the limit (looking to buy some lunar real estate? Look no further.)

    Click on to see some of the most extravagant purchases for or by athletes. 

10. Mike Pouncey's Watch

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    Purchase Cost: Only Mike and the watchmaker know.

    For/From: Mike/Mike

    Occasion: Drafted by the Miami Dolphins (15th overall pick).

    Wrong timepiece for hypnotizing people. Right timepiece for blinding them.

9. Jamarcus Russell's Necklace

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    Purchase Price: Unknown

    For/From: Jamarcus/Jarmarcus

    Occasion: Unknown

    Check out the last seconds of the video for a glimpse of the diamond encrusted mini-Jamarcus neck wear emblazoned with the word "chosen". The question that now irks is "chosen for what?" To be the biggest draft bust of all time? To lead the Swashbucklers to fame and fortune?

8. Chris Johnson's Gilded Uppers

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    Purchase Cost: Estimated $550-$950 per tooth

    For/From: Every Coaches Dream/Every Coaches Dream

    Occasion: Unknown

7. Victoria Beckham's Himalayan Birkin Purse

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    Purchase Cost: £80,000 (about $124,680 USD).

    For/From: Posh/Becks

    Occasion: Noel

    Only one of three in the world. Features a 3-carat diamond on the lock and hundreds of diamond studs.

6. Danica Patrick's Ring

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    Purchase Cost: "I didn't want to know how much it was, I told him, 'Just insure it, honey.
    " -- Danica Patrick

    For/From: Danica/Paul

    Occasion: Engagement

    The rock is a 4.25 carat emerald cut diamond. 

5. Vanessa Bryant's Ring

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    Purchase Cost: $4 Million

    For/From: Vanessa/Kobe

    Occasion: None

    Was ever the gift of jewelry given at a better time?

    This 8-carat purple diamond stunner has become known as the "Kobe Special."

4. Scottie Pippen's Gulfstream

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    Purchase Cost: 4.2 million +1 million in needed engine repairs--the result of a missed inspection. Now subtract 2 million he won back in a lawsuit

    For/From: Scottie/Scottie

    Occasion: Part of a $120 Million spending spree

    Pippen never got to play with his toy. The thing was grounded once the engine problems came to light. Journalist Trey Kerby dubbed the jet "the world's most expensive paperweight."

3. Robin Given's Bathtub

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    Purchase Cost: 2 Million

    For/From: Robin/Mike

    Occasion: Bath time

    What came out of the tap? Mahalo?

2. Marquis Daniels' Gold and Diamond Pendant of His Own Head

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    Purchase Cost: Unknown

    For/From: Marquis/Marquis

    Occasion: Happy to be Marquis

    Resembles one of those Amazonian shrunken heads, doesn't it? Well, instead of cured flesh and bone, this pendant is made of a whopping 2.9 pounds of 14k gold, and is covered in diamonds. Even the hair is made of diamond chains.The chain is white gold.

1. Elgin Wood's "Privacy"

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    Purchase Cost: $20 Million

    For/From: Elgin/Tiger

    Occasion: Wedding

    The 155' floating palace reverted back to Tiger in the divorce settlement and it's now for sale. In case you still need a gift for that special someone, Tiger's asking 25 million for it, but it's likely you can bargain him down 5 or 6 million.