Joba Chamberlain Is Drawing No Interest

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent INovember 9, 2016


Does anyone care about Joba?

I’m not sure if anyone knows but I read the sports in the Daily News a lot. I feel they have some great writers.

I read a 6-page article about Joba Chamberlain by Andy Martino.

It was more of a mini-biography of Joba’s life and it really didn’t say anything about the upcoming season. The article was posted on Saturday, Dec. 27th. If you’re a Joba apologist, you’ll love the article.

Last year, a lot of writers, bloggers and people on message boards seemed to be encouraged about the prospect of Joba being on the Yankees pitching staff. This year, I get no sense of that.

I don’t see anyone starting arguments that Joba should be in the starting rotation and not in the bullpen.

The point I’m making is that Joba is not the focus of attention. This has to do with the fact that the Yankees signed CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett.

I feel it’s good that Joba won’t be the center of attention. There will be less pressure on him and a lot of pressure on the two big-named free agents that just signed. Joba can now go out and pitch his game whether it’s in the bullpen or the starting rotation.

I’m a Cowboys fan. Yes, I’m a Cowboy’s fan living in New Jersey.

How is that Sean? How did you become a Cowboy’s fan?

I rooted for whoever I saw my father root for when I was younger and he liked the Cowboys when the Giants weren’t good. He’s back to liking the Giants.

What a disgraceful performance by the Cowboys against the Eagles.

Just think, next year they have no first round pick, Tony Romo as their starting quarterback, Wade Phillips as their head coach, a washed-up Terrell Owens as their wide receiver, an inept offensive coordinator in Jason Garrett, and worst of all, Jerry Jones as owner. It gets no worse than that.

I can only imagine how Yankee fans are going to feel if the Yankees fail this year. Probably like Cowboys fans are feeling now.

I’m still having a hard time believing that the Phillies are World Series Champs.

I was recently diagnosed with heart failure to go along with other ailments I have. I’m strong about it. I have no choice but to be. It’s been hard for me to post because I’ve been feeling ill.

I don’t want to see Andy Pettitte return. Every since he admitted taking steroids, I stopped liking him.

I’d like to watch a game at the new Yankee stadium next season. Maybe I could beg my buddy Bryan Hoch for some tickets.

I don’t listen to music anymore. I lost interest some time in the early 90’s. I don’t like anything that’s played on the radio and I don’t like sound in general.

I saw Roger Clemens' name in online newspapers and I didn’t like the way it felt seeing his name.

The other sports teams I like are the Nets and Devils. I’m starting to not like the Nets as much because they are moving to Brooklyn.

I read that the Red Sox signed Brad Penny and Josh Bard. Two insignificant signings.

Every time I read a Bill Simmons article at espn, he’s under the illusion that I’m one of his “readers.”

I’ll be back soon.