WWE Opinion: 5 Former WWE Championships That Need to Return to TV

Andrew WindonContributor IIIDecember 12, 2011

WWE Opinion: 5 Former WWE Championships That Need to Return to TV

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    With the coming of the WWE Network in 2012, the company would be suited to bring some old titles with it as well. The WWE has had many championships in its long and storied history. Who, as a fan, doesn’t miss seeing the titles paraded around on their favorite superstar? The WWE needs more championships to help develop the young talent and to make the guys who are not main event talent quite yet still relevant to the average fan.

    The best way to make the mid-card superstars relevant with the average fan is to bring back five WWE championships that have been retired.

5. Women’s Championship

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    Everyone complains about the WWE’s current Diva’s division. What better way to revive what seems to be a dying division than to bring back the old title belt? This would mean that you would not need Diva’s to pull double duty between brands and would be able to sell more of the Diva division to separate brand viewership.

    The only reason that people say this should not happen is because of the Divas, who are not really wrestlers, but instead are models who do wrestling as a side job. With the return of the Women’s Championship, the WWE would be able to effectively start signing more women wrestlers.

4. WWE Cruiserweight Championship

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    The Cruiserweight division has been nonexistent in the current form of the WWE. What better way to give younger, smaller talent a chance to have the spotlight than to bring back this prestigious title.

    This title would give guys like Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Primo and other smaller wrestlers the chance to have bigger roles on pay-per-views then they currently have. This would also mean that they could get a bigger following for the younger guys before thrusting them into the main event spotlight.

3. WWE Light Heavyweight Championship

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    What better way to give the future main event guys a chance to shine than by bringing back this title? The title would allow guys like Daniel Bryan, Ezekial Jackson and Jinder Mahal a chance to show their stuff without having to be in the WWE Heavyweight Championship picture.

    This title would also give people more of a reason to pay attention the the new guys who are brought in and not used as much as they should be. The title would not have to be defended every pay-per-view and could easily be one of the best divisions before the superstars move up to the main event.

2. WWE European Championship

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    The WWE European Championship has a great history in the company. The resurrection of this title would allow the WWE to focus more on the guys coming from Europe and pushing them in America. The guys like Sheamus, Wade Barrett and Santino Marella should be rewarded for their hard work and effort. This title would be the perfect way to do just that.

    Reviving this title would also mean that they could bring in more independent wrestlers, such as Claudio Castagnoli, Leroy Kincaide and Martin Stone. The new wave of European wrestlers would make the ratings better, as the WWE Universe gets to see a different wrestling style.

1. WWE Hardcore Championship

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    The WWE Hardcore Championship was one of the best titles that the company had for awhile. Reviving this title would mean that the WWE would be able to further reach the hardcore audience they seem to be losing. Though the PG Era seems to limit the amount of blood that is allowed on TV, the title could be a good addition to what they already have.

    Just like the other championships mentioned, this would be a great way to give some of the other superstars a push into the main event spotlight. The WWE could easily make this a secondary title that gives the WWE Universe a way to view talent before giving them a major title run.