Musings from the Bald Prophet: The Butler Did It and the Fourth BP Top 25

Marc DaleyAnalyst IDecember 29, 2008

Five musings from a short week

1) I got to see Kentucky play a plucky Florida Atlantic team in person on Saturday, and Patrick Patterson was clearly a man-beast in the post.  He also had a great understanding of high-low passing, as demonstrated by Perry Stevenson's dunks.  However, he found himself underneath the basket on too many occasions, and in order for him to score at the next level he needs to improve his footwork.

2) Gonzaga wasn't the only "premier" team to have a bad week.  Xavier got annihilated by Duke and then lost at home by nine to a Butler squad that doesn't seem to miss A.J. Graves or Mike Green.  Youth has been served in Indy in the form of Shelvin Mack and Gordon Hayward.  I figure the Bulldogs to end up a 9 or 10 seed this year in the Dance, and they will give a one or two seed fits.

3) I showed no love for Michigan State last week and probably put too much weight on their drubbing at the hands of the Heels.  This week they are back in my good graces thanks to a win over Texas.  The inside/outside combo of Lucas and Suton will make sure the Spartans are serious Big Ten contenders.

4) Continuing with the 'Horns—next year they get former Florida PG Jai Lucas, who said it "was his dream" to play for Rick Barnes' crew.  Strangely, Rice was also in the running.  Rice hasn't been to the Dance since 1970.  Think that would've changed had Lucas come aboard?

5) Now it's time for hoops to get serious with Georgetown and UConn toeing the baseline at seven tonight.  Look for the first Bald Prophet Bracket next Monday. And on that note...


The new BP Top 25

1) UNC

2) UConn

3) Pitt

4) Oklahoma

5) Wake Forest

6) Texas

7) Duke

8) Syracuse


10) Georgetown

11) Villanova

12) Louisville

13) Arizona State

14) Clemson

15) Notre Dame

16) Xavier

17) Tennessee

18) Gonzaga

19) Memphis

20) Michigan State

21) Marquette

22) Purdue

23) Butler

24) Baylor

25) Illinois