Pacquiao Vs Margarito? Stop The Circus!

Hardy HeaterContributor IDecember 29, 2008

Does lightning strike the same tree twice? It does happen granted the tree is still there after the first hit. The circus coming back to town no sooner than it left? Yes, if the whole act got tired of roaming across the country opting to take a breather on the last stop.

Manny Pacquiao is no clown and his win over de la Hoya ensures he won't be a sideshow either so why is the idea of another circus show being floated around? David and Goliath happened in biblical times. Sports has its own version of little man vs big man where in the most recent, Manny ably played the role of David who after slaying Goliath quickly ascended to the throne.

Manny is currently the Pound for Pound King and may I say his reign is apparently not in danger for now not with Joe Calzaghe looking all giddy with his retirement fund and not with Juan Manuel Marquez under Pac's mercy for a third fight. If Pac plays his cards right he could well be basking into retirement sunset on top of his game and not bowing his head in shame.

So whoever raised the idea of Pac going up against Margarito? Haven't we had enough of the circus that was de la Hoya? Pac was clearly brilliant disposing the Golden Boy and he defied the odds thrown against him prior to the fight but team Pacquiao took the fight knowing all too well that they've got Oscar's age and Pacquiao's youth and speed going in their favor. Freddie Roach wouldn't have allowed the fight had Oscar been in his prime.

But with Margarito, what does team Pacquiao have as a leverage? Surely not the age as both men are 30. Both men are champions albeit on different divisions. At 5'11" and a big one at that, Margarito will more than overwhelmingly dwarf Pacquiao like he did Cotto and we knew how that story turned out.

Pac is able to carry over his speed and power as he hops to higher weight divisions although  not evenly. Between his two attributes, speed is carried over far better than his vaunted power as evidenced by Pac needing at least seven rounds (yes, Oscar was TKOd at seven) to dispose of David Diaz and the Golden Boy.

Margarito never gained the most ducked fighter title for no reason. Cotto was lulled into thinking it was just a fancy monicker made to bait Pretty Boy Floyd to a showdown and he paid the price dearly. And it wasn't like Cotto never threw out his artillery, Cotto was being Cotto but Margarito was all granite, not just the chin but the whole package.

Even with the memory of how Pac demolished de la Hoya still fresh, I just can't see how Pac, not having a one punch power, can tire out Margarito as was his style against Diaz and Oscar. Margarito against Cotto, a natural welterweight, never tired out. Margarito was taking punishment  but he kept moving forward until he was actually the one who wore off Cotto. Can we really see Pac tiring out the 5'11" walking granite?

Okay, maybe he doesn't wear out Margarito and it goes to the scorecards...wait, will it? While Margarito is a glutton for absorbing jabs, which tells of his defense, he makes up for it by giving his opponent a relentless serving of heavy hands for the full 12 rounds as needed. I see Margarito pounding the pound for pound champ until it is Miguel Cotto all over again-never allowing the judges to do their jobs.

We may be asking too much of Manny to even suggest that he actually has a winning chance against Margarito. Leave Pac's amazing victory against Oscar at that; one for the books, one the little man will truly be proud to remember. Pac vs Margarito should just be a topic for drinking sessions not an actual boxing schedule in 2009 or any year thereafter.